Monday, August 22, 2011

"Drain the alpine lake IPP's"

A regular reader informs me (and people in the msm) about issues surrounding IPP's. In a message today, he says many things worth repeating and this is only one:
"The run of river IPP's are not run of river. Many of them are drain the alpine lake IPP's. Tyson Lake is a prime example.
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  1. That is of no surprise. Campbell/Clark and the BC Liberals, have never cared about BC. They were just out to strip this province, for every cent they could thieve. They don't even give a damn, about their people. We are just to steal from.

    Do they care about, the dirty diseased fish farms, killing our salmon? What do they care, the First Nations people depend on the salmon. Do they give a rip, if the bears, eagles and other wildlife depend on the salmon? Do they care about, the dirty Enbridge pipeline, crossing thousands of, rivers, streams and over lands? Do they care if, the dirty oil tankers from, China, the U.S. and Europe, come into our coastal waters. Do they give a damn about oil spills? They are even so stupid. Harper and Campbell have worked to drill oil and gas, off BC's coast. There was a 6.1 earthquake in the Queen Charlotte's. That's exactly how disgustingly stupid they are. What about dumping toxic mine waste into lakes. No they don't care about that either. Greed comes first.

    I am so sick of this evil, dirty, corrupt BC Liberal party. Their lies, deceit, corruption, thieving, their crimes. Their corrupt courts, corrupt judges, special, corrupt prosecutors, corrupt police, corrupt BC Elections, and the useless g.d. media, in this province.

    Is there a BC Liberal, that doesn't belong in prison? I think, Campbell and Harper, would be excellent cell mates.



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