Thursday, August 11, 2011

CBC colours news report with inappropriate commentary

Asked about HST, Federal Minister of Finance Flaherty recently stated that he expects British Columbia to "honour the terms of the agreement that we have. . . " This left the implication that HST might not be ended before 2015, regardless of the referendum vote result.

NDP critic John Horgan pointed out that citizens have the impression the tax would be extinguished without delay. The NDP also stated that BC Finance Minister and de facto Premier Kevin Falcon has also indicated that PST, if brought back, might apply to the much broader range of goods and services now covered under HST.

Of course, the NDP have responsibility to raise these issues with the public but, in his August 10 report, CBC Victoria correspondent Stephen Smart repeatedly said the Official Opposition was merely engaged in mudslinging.

In normal usage of the term, mudslinging involves malicious or scandalous attacks, hardly an accurate description of what John Horgan has engaged in here. The opposition role in our parliamentary system involves routinely criticizing government policies and actions. The NDP would be remiss if it did not raise HST confusion. Repeated use of the negative word 'mudslinging' can only have been intended to influence viewers to conclude that John Horgan was not raising concerns worthy of public attention. Either Smart is biased or the reporter understands little about Canadian parliamentary government.

Perhaps Stephen Smart's recently concluded marriage arrangement with Premier Christy Clark's deputy press secretary Rebecca Scott has clouded his ability to speak clearly. Smart's conflict of interest in his important role should result in immediate reassignment. Scott, by the way, was a producer until recently at CKNW working for Bill Good's BC Liberal apologia.
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  1. Once again, especially in light of reports such as this, I am compelled to ask.....

    Why has the CBC not reassigned Mr. Smart given this.


  2. Absolutely right sir..Noticed the same thing and emailed a complaint to the CBC News site this morning.

    Merv Adey

  3. When I watched that on the news, I thought Smart's use of the word 'mudslinging' was bass ackwards. Now I understand the connection.

    CBC BC has apparently contracted that same dissing the 'everybody but Lieberal' dissease that other BC msm have.

  4. Readers should examine Laila Yuile's site for another case of CBC misinformation, only partially and reluctantly corrected after they were challenged by Laila.

  5. A quick and speedy resolution to a yank of the video and a printed correction this evening after the cbc ombudsman received my complaint this morning. And he did it while on vacation no less... full details on the above link.

  6. Well done, Laila. If these news agencies won't police themselves for accuracy, it is fair game for readers or viewers to do it form them.

    I, and others, have lodged complaints with CBC regarding the dumb misrepresentation by Mr. Smart noted above. It will be ever more difficult for mainstream media to ignore legitimate complaints and corrections noted in blogs like these. Our audiences are large and growing because people are tired of biased reporting in reports not specifically identified as opinion.

  7. Have you dealt with the CBC Ombudsman yet? I was shocked how fast things went once he received my complaint. Floored actually.And you are correct on all counts- our audiences are growing phenomenally, which speaks to both our content, and the discontent of those who were msm consumers

  8. Stephen Smart was on CBC Radio this morning saying he'll be hosting the Vancouver morning show this week.

    Listen in folks, because CBC often doesn't put his interviews on podcast, I think they don't podcast his interviews on political matters so that no one can refer back to them later and criticize him.

    But Smart's misinformation does its damage when it is sent out live over the airwaves across the province. Most people don't know who Stephen Smart is married to (or that his father is a BC Supreme Court judge), they just think he's the CBC's "Leg. guy" as he's so coyly referred to by CBC. Only those who follow the blogosphere know this.

    Maybe Friends of CBC should be informed of this obvious conflict of interest, or worse, possible collusion.

    When Smart launched into his political news interview this morning about the "review" produced by BC Hydro, he spoke only about them reducing their proposed rate hike by a reduction in Hydro jobs. On and on he and the other CBC host went, all about Hydro jobs, too many engineers, comparing the number of engineers in Hydro to the ferries or transportation...

    Smart and the host said not a single word about the billions of dollars of contracts awarded to "independent" producers (friends of the Liberals) for which we taxpayers are beholden, or the unnecessary billion dollar expenditure to replace perfectly good meters with so-called Smart Meters for dubious purposes and benefits, both of which were raised in interview clips with other people at the start of Smart's discussion.

    Stephen Smart should be removed from CBC -- today. I would urge people to call their CBC stations, Radio and TV, and ask to speak to the executive director, call and write the CRTC, MPs. Don't take weasel words for an answer either.

    And Christy Clark should remove Smart's wife from her Executive job as deputy director of communications.

    This is just nonsense. Yet both the premier and CBC carry on as if there is nothing untoward. They are playing a dangerous game, thumbing their noses at the citizens of this province.

    I am so angry I am even thinking I should picket CBC offices.

  9. RE Steven Smart. Looks like the little head is doing the thinking for the big head.


  10. Maybe I goofed....silly me thinking we could somewhat rely on the CBC. I have posted this before, but here it is submitted to the CRTC and also the CBSC

    Thank You for Your Submission
    Your comment was successfully submitted to the CRTC.

    You are commenting on the Notice #: 2011-14-Call for comments on amendments to the Radio Regulations, 1986, Television Broadcasting Regulations, 1987, Pay Television Regulations, 1990, Specialty Services Regulations, 1990, and the Broadcasting Information Regulations, 1993

    Topic is to discuss restriction of the use of the term "News" to programs that report events with a mandate to present all points of view in a balanced manner by organizations not connected to political contributions of any form. Reason is lack of confidence that the voices of ordinary Canadians are being listened to by policy makers. This is evidenced by the progression to this stage of such an amendment proposal.

    Intervention-Comment: Opposition

    **Beginning of submission, paragraph 1 of 1**

    I am strongly opposed to any further relaxation of standards relating to truthfulness in broadcasting. This includes deception by omission of facts and or events pertinent to the subject. Following is my below complaint as registered by your office on Oct 6, 2009. Re Canwest/Global group of companies, I would like them to be restricted from using the term "News". Any communication company that donates to any political party, except those that donate equally to all parties, are not providing the general public with a balanced reporting of events or government policies. These are merely entertainment programs and should be labelled as such. Canwest appears to acknowledge this fact by slotting Entertainment Tonight immediately after their "news" program in our viewing area. The time slot from 5:00pm to 8:00pm becomes just one long entertainment program with "Local News", "National News", "Local News" again, "ET Tonite", then "ET Canada". The corollary to this complaint is that funding to the CBC must be maintained and/or increased in order that the taxpaying public is being informed by true professional journalists.

    **End of submission**

    The specific reference to Canwest was prompted after an in depth report by Deb Hope on how the Olympics would be powered by "green" "run of river" power.....when official statistics reveal that production was almost nil during that particular month.

    Deb Hope was polite and did not use any "unprofessional" or obviously slanted is just that the facts were wrong, yet presented in a convincing manner.

  11. I think both the MSM and the current government are underestimating the depth of lack of respect they are getting from the general public ....they are thinking it is just a few people sitting around writing letters.... Canadian Canary and I just might picket CBC.... Global could send a crew out to cover the story ...I challenge any of our MSM journalists to hold their own in a room of regular working folk..never mind holding their own in the company of people like Farrell, Tsakumis, Yuile, Oberfeld....Mair.... etc. I truly believe advertisers are starting to hear comments about why they are not being patronized due to consumers not wanting to support the MSM.

  12. motorcycleguy has made the ultimate connection: mainstream media will alter their style if advertisers insist upon improvement. To achieve that, consumers must stop supporting any advertisers who fund the operations of MSM.

    Civil rights campaigners used boycotts effectively in generations past. We can learn from history.

    I plan to write more about the issues.

  13. Thanks for the idea/reminder to go after their advertisers.

    I stopped my newspaper subscriptions and cable TV over a year ago. Now, I will look at who advertises with the newspapers and TV outlets (not by buying but by checking them out in coffee shops).

    But then there's CBC -- what to do, what to do? Any ideas out there? Other than the good things that Laila did getting them to make corrections, and the pressure others put on CBC in writing various bodies to complain.

    I suspect CBC corrected this one story because they got heat, and wanted to make a big show of correcting erroneous facts. But I don't think that leopard has changed its spots at all. Even if they fired Stephen Smart or moved him to another post, my guess is that the insider connections will remain. Something to watch for.



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