Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Can he spell HYPOCRITE ?

Jane Taber, Globe and Mail, Harper takes a swipe at Turmel’s commitment to Canada
"Stephen Harper took a swipe at Nycole Turmel Wednesday, arguing that at the very least Canadians should be able to expect their political leaders to be committed to Canada.

“I think it’s very disappointing. I don’t know that I have a lot to say but I do think Canadians will find this disappointing,” the Prime Minister told reporters, wading into the controversy that has dogged the NDP and its interim leader since The Globe and Mail revealed Ms. Turmel had been a card-carrying member of the separatist Bloc Québécois. . . "
Adrian Moore, Globe and Mail, Conservative Transport Minister Denis Lebel confirms former ties to the Bloc
"After a week of attacking the NDP for choosing a former member of the Bloc Quebecois as its interim leader, it has emerged that the federal Conservatives also have a high-level member with former ties to the separatist party.

"Tory transport minister Denis Lebel was a member of the Bloc during his time working for various civic-minded organizations in his home town of Roberval, a small town on Lac Saint-Jean, about 260 kilometres north of Quebec City. . ."
Link suggested by unionwill in comments:
      Brian Topp, Globe and Mail, The Turmel noise is about fear, not national unity
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  1. And the Cons defend this by saying Turmel is the leader while Lebel is a mere cabinet minister!And where are the Libs.If they were serious about rebuilding in Quebec don't you think they should've kept their mouths shut? For a good take on this Brian Topp's analysis is a must read.



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