Sunday, July 31, 2011

What a contrast to Canada's Harper Government

The Telegraph, July 31, 2011
"The European Commission has apologised for decades of an EU fishing policy so disastrous that the next generation of children may never see fish on their dinner plate.

". . . We cannot afford business as usual. Maybe 10 years ago, the past, it was easier for us, in the European Commission, in governments, in the sector, to close our eyes. We cannot do that anymore because if we do our children will see fish, not on their plates, but only in pictures."
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  1. Scientists have found acid in the sea, right up to BC's shores. The acid will eat the shells off the crustaceans. The coral is also bleaching white. Scientists say, the Great Barrier Reef, will be gone, within twenty years.

    So, that's not only the fish that will disappear. The oceans have absorbed all the carbon monoxide, they can absorb. If we don't get rid of fossil fuels, the planet will get rid of us.

  2. Canada is rotten to the core with corruption. Harper is the worst possible thing, that has ever happened to Canada. Harper could care less about the eco systems, and certainly would never apologize for his wrong doings. He's far too arrogant to apologize for all of his underhanded deeds.

    I was amazed, that politicians in England, actually go to prison for corruption and thieving. There are two doing time. Can you imagine, if that happened in Canada? Harper had a 3X convicted felon working for him. The missing money and being in contempt of the House. He is damned lucky, the Canadian people aren't like the Brits. They aren't forced, to contend with the crimes of their politicians as, Canadian people are forced to. Nor, are their media muzzled or bought off, like the Canadian media are. Of course, England isn't in a dictatorship as Canada is. Harper won't even allow, scientists to publish their results.

    Dictators as we have seen, over many decades are paranoid. They have to control, absolutely everything, to keep their dastardly deeds hidden from the public, as Harper does.

    Campbell, Hansen, Christy, Falcon, and most of the BC Liberals, would be doing time. In that case, I am amazed that England would even allow, a corrupt, thieving wretch like Campbell in their country.



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