Monday, July 18, 2011

A view of HST not paid for by taxpayers or business groups

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  1. How true that is. No money has "tickled" down from big business, for the BC people, by the big outfits savings from the HST. BC citizens are paying, for big business, to buy new company vehicles. Bigger bonuses. And reno's to their places of business.

    BC being a province of natural resources, the HST does absolutely nothing for the people. This was just a scam by, Campbell, Hansen and Harper, to thieve from the people, so Harper could give it the the giant corporations, he and Campbell work for.

    Stats Canada shows, BC gained no jobs. Instead the HST caused job losses, 12,000 in June alone. BC is dead last of, all the western provinces, BC has done the worst. All of the HST provinces have failed.

    The BC Liberals, have no idea how ridiculous they look, lying their faces off, on TV. It doesn't matter where I go, shopping, doctors office or where ever. Everyone has nothing but contempt for, Christy and the Liberals, with their lies, deceit and cheating to win. Not one person have I heard, that wanted the HST. They all hate that asinine, rip off HST with a passion.

    It is very obvious, the HST will be won by the people. But, as we all know, the BC Liberals cheat. The vote has to get by Craig James. There is no way we can trust him, as we know from our past dealings with him.

    The two honest people from Elections BC, refused to lie for Campbell and Hansen. They were shoved out for Craig James, who was willing, to do Campbells dirty work for him. And, boy oh boy, did the dirty tactics, ever get going then.



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