Thursday, July 14, 2011

Shoddy science and shoddy journalism outed

Rafe Mair, heroic analyst of British Columbia's political economics, hits DFO, a favourite target, between the eyes at The Common Sense Canadian.

Salmon Farm Apologist's "Shoddy Science" Outed

Mair reminds us of mainstream media behaviour that fits a theme discussed at Northern Insights. In salmon farming matters, news institutions abdicated any role of public watchdog, choosing instead to serve as industry promoters. Rafe's examples:
  • "The deliberate bias of the media who allowed the fish farm flack, Mary-Ellen Walling, to roam the op-ed pages virtually at will…and their utter lack of any scrutiny."
  • "The silence of the media columnists who trashed the government when it was NDP and have been struck dumb on this issue."
We shouldn't be surprised. This fits the media response whenever commercial and ecological issues conflict.

Read an April article in Northern Insights for another example of the Vancouver Sun featuring industry flacks as "news reporters":

Who creates and pays for news stories

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  1. And add Vivian Krause and her bizarro and self contradictory conspiracy theories on fish farming and the environmental movement to that. Gary Mason seems particularly taken with her work.

  2. If this doesn't show up in the Vancouver Sun or Province very shortly, with a comment from Beamish, Hargreaves, and their boss, or an explanation of what attempt was made to elicit their responses, the editors at both papers should be fired.

  3. Good point Lew but don't hold your breath. The present management of Postmedia newspapers have no interest in being accountable to the public on any issue.

  4. I took the liberty of forwarding your article to Gail Shea. I know she is no longer on the front line, but I hope she gets a little flushed.

    What a great photo of the divine Alexandra Morton and the incomparable Raif Mair.

    Good cop/Bad cop.

  5. I wonder if former Fisheries Minister Gail Shea regretted her own foolishness when it became indisputably apparent.

  6. Hi Norm,
    I just finished listening to Alexandra Morton on CBC's program "Ideas" tonight. I'm not sure if it was a re-run but it certainly sounded relevant. Alexandra was passionate, articulate and presented her case convincingly. As usual it seems that it is the politicians who stand in the way of any meaningful change.

  7. Vivian Krause doesn't have all the answers, but she has alot of questions the eco-promoters are cowering in fear from answering.

    Funny how environmental groups demand transparency of others while refusing to be transparent themselves.

  8. So, is it the environmental advocates that are fighting to prevent public disclosure of documents at the Cohen Commission?



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