Saturday, July 30, 2011

No higher authority than the other side of what they say!

Alex G. Tsakumis interviewed Rafe Mair on The Money and Wealth Program (CHEK-TV, July 30 7:00 pm). Don't miss the entire conversation. The two newsmen focus on topics that mainstream reporters are not allowed to cover. Look for an online version at TalkDigitalNetwork,com.

Responding to a question from AGT about media and politics, Mair tossed out this beauty,
"I think the way you know that it's absolute B.S. is because The Province and The Sun both thought it was good. So, you know automatically that it is not good. And the same with their supporting the HST: to vote no, that gives you a clear indication that all the indications are you should vote yes.
"There's no higher authority than the other side of what they say."
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  1. Excellent Norman!

    Once again you expose the elephant in the room......
    "that mainstream reporters are not allowed to cover".

    And that Truth is an obscenity.

    Gary L.

  2. Thanks Gary L. Online contributors like you add power to the alternative media. Slowly, we shall encourage BC citizens to wake up and accept that when political operators look like crooks, walk like crooks and talk like crooks, they are crooks.

    Theft of BC Rail was bad enough but I shake my head every day over the $55 billion IPP liability in BC Hydro. My children and grandchildren will pay for decades. Unconscionable! How does this political party maintain any support at all?



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