Sunday, July 31, 2011

Meaningful differences

From The Atlantic July/August Ideas Issue, Dispatches - Food, by Corby Kummer:
"[Las Vegas] a congenial city to set up shop and even raise a family. And restaurant workers who can’t afford a comfortable middle-class life in most big cities—dishwashers and servers—discovered they can in Las Vegas.
"Because so many of the hotels are unionized, many restaurants are unionized too—something both rare and contentious in cities like New York, where restaurateurs can’t afford the wages or, they say, the inflexibility that unions impose.
"Workers who have to hold several jobs in New York or Los Angeles can work one in Las Vegas, and keep it for years—a stability almost unheard-of in the restaurant world."
Imagine, an ordinary family able to live a comfortable and stable middle-class life. Radical eh?

What the Plutocracy Prefers for Us

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  1. Well, what is happening right now?

    There are no raises in pay. Seniors income stays the same. BC still has the lowest minimum wage in Canada.

    However, the BC Liberals are forcing the HST on, Christy's "family's first". Campbell thieved and sold our rivers, our hydro goes up to 53% more. We just got another "new" carbon tax. Food costs have gone up 15%, and higher this coming winter. Gasoline prices extorted from the BC people, right out to lunch. The HST cost BC 12,000 jobs lost, in June alone. The HST has destroyed tourism. Real Estate is suffering, because of the HST. They said on TV, Real Estate is down by 46%.

    Instead of Christy fixing all of the injustice's on, her own people, she does nothing but worsen our lives, by forcing the HST on us. Where are their stupid heads at? If you ask them, how they think, the BC family's can pay all of these asinine taxes. They ignore you. So, they don't have a bloody clue either, and they don't give a s..t!!!

    Christy and Falcon, lie as much as, Campbell and Hansen. What is it going to take, to get rid of this evil, corrupt, cheating BC Liberal government?

  2. I forgot to say, HSBC is laying off 30.000 people.



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