Thursday, July 28, 2011

Good hire, wrong time slot

Michael Smyth's radio program promotion about the BC Ferries gravy train seemed out of place on CKNW, the radio mouthpiece for BC Liberals. No doubt, David Hahn and his flatterers were unhappy with Smith for re-focusing attention on the financial exploitation by senior executive staff at the ferry corporation.

Apparently Corus believes that Michael Smyth is out of place on CKNW. We learned today that his days are numbered on the afternoon talk show. Simi Sara takes over the spot shortly.

Smyth's smartass style is a fresh approach on an overly stodgy radio station and the permanent appointment of Simi Sara is overdue. She is personable, smart and articulate, better suited to replace one of NW's pensioners still on-air. How about Bill Boring's 8:35 am Monday to Friday spot?
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