Sunday, July 31, 2011

Amateur hour at Global TV News

Continuing Global's 'expert examination' of HST, Doug Herbert provided this from Sun Peaks on the July 31 6pm Vancouver News Hour:
"The difference in price for a secondary residence pre-HST and post-HST is dramatic. An Australian recently bought a unit in this building behind me for $777,000. He paid just over $93,000 in HST. If he bought it pre-HST, he would only have paid $52,000, a difference of $54,000."
Accuracy. What the hell, too much bother!
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  1. Accuracy, indeed.

    Now, if you or I made a mistake like that, well....

    Thanks Norm.


  2. I saw that too. The media in BC, isn't too concerned about accuracy. They willingly spread the BC Liberals lies, with no accuracy, what-so-ever.

    I also saw, how the HST is destroying Real Estate sales. The HST has caused a severe drop in tourism, all over the province. BC's outrageous gas prices also assist, in that decline. Strangely, the BC citizens knew all about this, long before the media did.

    The media is, a dollar short, and a day late.



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