Sunday, May 1, 2011

Strategic voting does matter

NDP and Green voters in North Vancouver should hold their noses and vote for the Liberal Party of Canada. Two reasons:
  • Conservative Party candidate Andrew Saxton is ripe for return to his lucrative international banking career.

Check your own riding at Project Democracy
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  1. Strategic voting assumes the liberals are a progressive party.Certainly they sound good campaigning from the left during an election campaign.However their record,both in Government and in opposition,is quite different.During the 1990's the liberals,with Paul Martin as finance minister,presided over the biggest cuts to social spending in canadian history,the EI program being a particular target.Since then we have seen the liberals support Harper countless times as he has further destroyed the social state."Strategic voting" never made sense before and makes even less sense now.

  2. Hi Norman,

    By my final reckoning there are 18 seats in BC that are ripe for the taking by a concerted progressive voting effort.

    Those seats alone would dash all of Mr. Harper's hopes for a majority regardless what happens in the rest of the country.

    And that is why it matters so, so much given that the most recent AReid poll indicated that a total of 50% of declared NDP and Lib voters (ie. the same number as the ENTIRE Con vote) are willing to vote strategically if it will help stop Mr. Harper.

    That list of 18 is here.




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