Friday, May 13, 2011

Returning soon

Thanks to all the readers asking about my whereabouts these last few days. I can blame Google's Blogger platform only for yesterday. The rest of the time results from technical difficulties at the home front. Like its owner, my 'highly experienced' laptop began to exhibit symptoms of aging: languor, contrariness and occasional paralysis.

As with most intermittent difficulties in electronics, troubleshooting was bothersome, perhaps not worth pursuing. Eventually, my tolerance was exhausted and repair became the priority. However, a dirty little secret of electronics is that service is mostly guesswork. Technicians replace parts until the acute problems go away. Sometimes, curing one fault merely discloses that others exist.

The consensus of self-identified experts was that I needed a new hard drive. Replacing a machine's main disk is itself simple but dealing with hundreds of gigabytes of data in tens of thousands of distinct files is anything but easy. Many home computer owners have backup strategies in mind but seldom are these put to the test until we are forced to rely upon them. A newly installed disk may be ready to work but until it is loaded with necessary software and data files, it is useless.

I readied my tools to complete the repair. Those included the new hard drive, original system disks and backups archived in various forms. Relying upon promises of the marketing people, I expected to merely install the new drive, transfer the archived system image onto it from an external storage device and proceed with no further difficulties. Let us merely say that the plan did not unfold as expected.

A new strategy was needed. During adjournment, the senior housekeeper decided all elements of the unfinished repair should be stored away, out of sight. Soon, I was ready to complete the job so I petitioned the related occupant to return all goods to the repair table. Unfortunately, in our home's supply management chain, retrieval is much less efficient than storage. The computer's original system disks could not be found. More delay resulted.

Eventually, the disappeared items were recovered from a place where they could not not possibly be. The new round of study and strategic planning allowed the laptop repair to be completed successfully. Sadly, fate has a way of snatching away triumph merely by substituting a new problem for the one you manage to resolve. While I relished my successful disk repair, the laptop's screen hinge broke on the right side, then the left side.

Of course, availability of a new larger disk drive called for an improved file and backup system to ensure at least the hope that future recoveries would proceed without difficulties. On top of that, the family car suffered its unexpected demise, shortly after a four-figure repair bill. 

So, my spare time recently was dedicated to examining car options and reorganizing vast quantities of data files. I have been collecting audio information from around the world for years and now have a vast library of material that ranges from serious subjects like ancient history and particle physics to inane British comedy from the days of Kenneth Horne and Tony Hancock to today's youthful favourites such as David Mitchell and Matt Lucas.

To be honest, I've enjoyed a rest from daily examinations of political hypocrisy demonstrated by leaders of this nation and province. Nevertheless, I've also been reading and watching and itching to add to the commentary. Happily, the BC blog world has grown to be a real legitimate place for the exchange of ideas. 

I read about it first at Laila Yuile's site but Ian Reid republished a picture that, in one shot, demonstrates the mainstream media's sickness. Here is the Premier of British Columbia wilfully disregarding the Election Act - during a by-election in which the result was uncertain - and the media paparazzi enjoy the photo opportunity without once mentioning that her presence offended the law. That was left to the unpaid citizen journalists to explain.

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  1. If she has dis-regarded the BC Elections Act, she should be prosecuted to the full extent of the Law.

    Did she break the law? If she did then any citizen can lay a charge.

  2. Missed your daily wisdom, Norm

  3. E-BC has already given their blessing....But here's what I want to know....Who told the proMedia to show up at that particular Elementary School, at lunch time, on a pro-D day.

    (and don't forget the BC Liberal Party actually issued a press release, on election day, pimping this codswallop)


  4. very funny comments about the computer problem.

    Sad though about CC breaking the Elections Act. And, even sadder---the lame response from Craig James and the Elections BC crew. Fine to threaten seniors though with jail and 2 year prison sentences for accidentally signing the anti-HST petition twice.

    Anyways, great to see you back! you provide a much needed perspective!

  5. ahhhh..... the photographer squatting down to take his gadzillionth photo of a smiling candidate, his jacket pulled up.... his jeans pulled down, all in front of a public elementary school yard...... that's illegal too.

  6. Don't let this incident overshadow the possibility of election fraud happening right under our noses. The poll numbers kept rising higher and higher, until CC squeaked out a win. Out of thin air they came, just like magic.

    And no. we aren't allowed to look at them. Not until September, plenty of time to tweak
    em. Will VPG stand for this? Adrian???

  7. I'm glad you're back, Norm. I look forward to your thoughtful postings, and I love your Blog Roll also.

  8. E BC has become a Liberal tool for hoodwinking the voters. Ever since GC installed Craig there have been irregularities.

  9. Hilarious post about the computer problems Norm. Thanks for the chuckles. I also appreciated North Van's Grump's comment, albeit on a topic that's fairly serious, i.e. breaking BC Election Act regulations.

  10. Hey Norman,I did a little bit of research today on finding out exactly where Christy was standing when the photos were taken in relation to the Elections law of British Columbia.

    Elections BC said that Christy did not go inside the building where the voting was taking place to deliver her hand made sandwiches to her troops. The troops came outside the building to meet and greet her.

    Problem is, there's this 100 metre radius around all voting areas, I suppose the radius is taken from the dead centre of the accumulated voting booths inside the building and then expanding out.

    I did a take-off measurement using Google Earth and the way I see it, Christy was half the distance (50 metres)inside the "bubble zone", which is contrary to what Elections BC has been telling us. Being outside the building is not outside of the restricted area.

  11. One law for us, another one for them.

  12. And the public keep on getting conned. It is plain that Clark is much closer than 100 yards to the school ground - right at the entrance.

    It is also blatantly obvious that Craig James is either in capable of doing his job properly or worse still, doing whatever the BC Liberals want him to do regardless of the law.

    It is high time this government is put out of office since it has no regard for the laws as written.

    Thanks - another disgusted senior

  13. Norm, I just now opened Google Earth, that has a capability of measuring distance from one point to another. If Clark was standing on the sidewalk adjacent to the school grounds, then she was within 100 meters of the polling station. I am assuming that the polls were within the school itself. It is clear that she is standing at the driveway entrance of the school ground as per the photos. Try it out for yourself.
    Secondly, if she is buying lunch for campaign workers, as she stated, that is illegal as well.
    Thirdly, if she was buying lunch for the polling personal, then she was in a conflict of interest as she was trying to influence those that work directly for Elections BC.
    She has clearly stated that she was buying lunch for someone.
    Get the science guys working on this.

  14. I see that NVGs has already pointed this out to you but one should do the measurements, document them, then put them up on the web.

    As well, on election night, while watching TV, one of the TV stations (either Global, or CTV), broke in to tell us that Christy Clark was loosing by over 1000 votes. It was a little after 9pm.

    I then did some Googling and by that time, The Province had already called the election in favour of Clark. That was between 9:30 and 10 pm. It was interesting, as I watched the ElectionBC website that was updated every 5 minutes, it was clear that there was not real winner and even though it was stated by one of the media that Clark had won by 1000+ votes, clearly, this was not the picture on ElectionBC's site. The largest difference was 595, the final count outcome according to ElectionBC with all polls counted. I wish that I had started to watch this site earlier.

    I think that it is time that a lawyer who believes in Democracy weighs in on this and lets us know how we as the citizens of this province can take ElectionBC and the lying Liberal ba$^@rds to task.

  15. This is clearly in violation to the law. Not the regs, but the LAW. Let's all write to Elections Canada and express our concerns.

  16. Graig James of Elections BC, is a friend of Campbell's. We caught him, in corruption before. He changed the wording on the recall, after the fact. Campbell wanted the HST stalled. Big business was paying Campbell big bucks to fight to keep the HST. Campbell got rid of the two most honest people in Elections BC, and installed James, to do his dirty work for him. Craig James obliged.

    The judicial system in BC, is the most corrupt in Canada. Campbell's corrupt sale of the BCR trial, was a laughable farce. The BC judicial system, also lets the RCMP criminals off too. That we have seen many times.

    If it were Eby arranging a photo shoot, to campaign voters as they walked in to vote. He would have instantly been disqualified. The BC Liberals have been allowed to break the law for 10 years.

    Did you really think, all of the lies, deceit, corruption and dirty tactics, would quit with Campbell? Christy backed the monster Campbell, to the hilt.

    Christy and family were implicated in Campbell's corrupt sale of the BCR too. Why do you think, Christy refuses to have a criminal investigation of the BCR sale? Why do you think, Christy refuses debates. We don't call the BC Liberals, the BC liberal crime family for nothing.

    They want to change the "Liberal" party name. Only thing is, the people will remain the same, so nothing will change. They will still lie, call opposing politicians dirty names, and cheat to win. I don't trust Elections BC one nano bit.

  17. If it walks like a duck, looks like a duck, craps like a duck and quacks like a duck - it is a duck.

    No matter what the BC Liberal party choose to call themselves, they will forever be known as the most corrupt, inept and dishonest government that British Columbia has had the misfortune to have had, or known.

    No matter what the BC Liberals say - we know it will be fabrication, lies or damn lies as that is all they know and care about. To even try and talk sense into any of their overdense heads is like water on a ducks back - absolutely nothing penetrates.

    Time for some real positive action on the part of the people of British Columbia.

    Thank you



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