Sunday, May 29, 2011

Lie like a rug

If the Liberal's promises of HST rate reductions influence your vote, consider past announcments of this government:
For Immediate Release
Oct. 27, 2010
Office of the Premier


VICTORIA - Premier Gordon Campbell tonight announced a 15 per cent reduction in personal income tax rates, for the first $72,000 of personal income for all British Columbians. This is the second-largest personal income tax relief measure in B.C. history, ensuring B.C. individuals pay the lowest provincial income tax in Canada, on incomes up to $130,000.

Gabriel Yiu: The bankrupt promises of the B.C. Liberals' HST

From The Georgia Straight
"Last October, in order to slow his sharp slide in popularity caused by the HST, B.C.'s then-premier, Gordon Campbell, spent $240,000 to buy a half-hour TV advertisement to make an important announcement.

"The premier spent the first half to promote the so-called advantages of the HST. Then, he declared that in order to relieve the burden on consumers caused by the expanded sales tax, the government would introduce a 15-percent cut in personal-income tax, starting January 1, 2011.

". . . Campbell’s tax cut came as a shock to many because not that long before, he and then-finance minister Colin Hansen had challenged those opposed to the HST by asking them whether they wanted to cut health care or education to repay a $1.6-billion signing bonus to the federal government.

"But suddenly, the B.C. Liberal government had the money to cut income tax within two months!

"Unfortunately, Campbell’s promise was simply another B.C. Liberal dishonoured cheque to deceive British Columbians. . ."
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  1. The BC people didn't believe Campbell anyway, that's why no-one would bite on the 15% reduction. To this day, anything the Liberals say, is automatically, deemed a lie.

    I was just watching Christy in the Legislature. She totally avoided answering the question, the question about, Campbell's theft and sale of the BCR. Now I'm listening to Falcons b.s. on the HST. He says, we saving bundles of money, from the HST. And, oh how many jobs the HST has created. The HST is lovely for the province and big business. It just does bugger-all for the citizens. The HST was created for big business and big business only. I could care less about saving paper work for big business, they can afford it. Falcon says, everywhere in BC families and everyone has told him how great the HST is. Every HST province has done very badly. BC is at the bottom of all the western provinces.

    Oh!!! Now, Falcon has said, he has had numerous calls from the restaurants, saying how they love the HST. Strangely, Mr. Mikes and The Pantry have had to close their door, because of the HST. The outrageous b.s. coming out of Falcon the Campbell clones mouth, is right out to lunch. Falcon was yelling at the top of his voice, i kid you not, he sounded demented, wild and, right out of control. I have always said, most of the Liberals, need a mental evaluation. They are total pathological liars. I am totally horrified, by the Liberals lies, I am hearing right now, in the legislature.

    We will have to have, a general strike or something comparable. We can not trust Elections BC. I am convinced the Liberals will certainly lie and cheat, AGAIN. The BC Liberals have thieved everything in this province, they laid their hands on. And, now we are being forced to pay for their thieving.



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