Thursday, April 28, 2011

Not all memories are good memories

We know Michael Ignatieff is desperate when he brings out a disgraced old war horse. The strategy is dangerous for the Liberals because it assumes voters' memories are short. To many of us, the former Prime Minister stirs visions of Adscam and the large circle of Chretien friends caught with hands in his golden cookie jar.

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  1. It tells me, Iggy is merely a puppet, whose strings are pulled by the party elite. It is the party elite that must learn a lesson that the Canadian public is damned tired of the same old, same old, backroom deals, insider favours and political corruption.

    The same is true of Harper and the corrupt Conservative insiders.

    Harper's NDP have a clean slate in that area, but I not holding my breathe on that one.

    Until our political structure is changed and we have strict laws punishing political corruption, the song, as they say, will remain the same.

  2. Have you read this? Our favorite company Encana is mentioned



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