Wednesday, April 27, 2011

PM Layton a real possibility now

". . . The EKOS Research poll gives the NDP 28 per cent support nationally, second spot behind the Conservatives at 34 per cent and ahead of the Liberals at 24 per cent, a week before the May 2 federal election.

"The pollsters project the NDP are poised to win 53 seats in Quebec and 100 across the country – a huge breakthrough that would reshape Canada's political landscape – compared to 131 seats for the Conservatives and 62 for the Liberals. The Bloc Quebecois would be hammered down to 13 seats in Quebec. . ."

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  1. I am so glad that Harper will not be getting his majority. It's like we managed to take the ax away from the ax murderer!

    Orange Crush!!!!

  2. I am soooo glad that Harper will not get his majority.

    Have just read (in Terrace Times) that BC First Party will be running their very first candidate in the Point Grey by-election. Another interesting turn in Canadian politics (new party vs. new premier).

  3. Harper has Canada involved in two wars. The last I read, Harper's wars have cost $36 billion. This cost will be billions more, Harper has extended our troops stay in Afghanistan. The jets with no engines, will be billions more. Canada is a peacekeeping nation, not a war mongering country. We assist people in war wrecked country's. We have never bombed and killed innocent civilians, until Harper.

    What will Canadians lose because of, Harper's wars, jets and prisons? Our health care? Sure seems that way.

    I certainly hope Layton wins. I really hope the opposition will form a coalition, to take Harper out in a minority government. If Harper should win a majority, Canada will be gone, in a heartbeat.

  4. Also worrisome, if Harper wins a majority, is the EU Free Trade agreement.

    See article in the Tyee today. Municipal and Provincial governments lose authority with all manner of adverse implications for water, medicines, local food initiatives, etc.

    Local democratic authority decimated.

  5. The good news is that tomorrow Canada's largest newspaper will endorse Jack Layton's New Democrats.

    On Monday, I'll be voting for the candidate who looks best able to boot out the Harper-Con.

    I'm liking this "election nobody wanted" a lot.

  6. I will travel from the Okanagan to the rally in Vancouver. Go Jack Go-it is time to show what people power can do.



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