Wednesday, November 16, 2011

REPLAY - Notice to PAB media monitors

First published here April 6, 2011 from Craigslist Toronto:

Supplement your income. Part-time jobs available that suit your skills and experience. Keep an eye on craigslist for the next openings. This ad ran in Toronto but right wing commentators are needed online in every province between now and May 2. Caution though, do not ignore your regular rah rah duties of making up facts, figures and comments supporting our usual clients. You don't draw that 50K salary from the public purse for nothing.
Writers Needed to Post Right-Wing Comments to Social Media and News Outlets

We are a social media company working for a political organization, hired to help balance the left-wing bias of the major media outles by supplying a team of writers who will post to newspaper comments, media forums, FB pages, etc. We are NOT officially afiliated with Harper campaign.

Your writing must be strong, right-wing and use supplied talking points without bogging down in too much detail. You are creating an online persona with a persistent tone. Ideally you can find or make up facts and statistics to stir controversy. Where suited humour, sarcasm, and personal insults are welcome.

Compensation: TBD. hourly rate and volume of online activity. Bonuses for controversial postings that heat up a topic or forum thread
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  1. Isn't this the way the tea party in the States got started? On line right wing bloging?

  2. Well, that and a few hundred millions from the Koch Brothers.

  3. I tried tracking down the perps by 'applying' for the position, but it was rejected by CraigsList as the client was no longer a customer.

    Any idea who they are?(apart from the obvious)

  4. PAB rats need to be immediately trapped and removed from the basement of the leg where they have become a health hazard and overwhelming problem.

    Now there is one private contract I approve of.

  5. Tell a lie often enough and the public perceives as fact.

    This what the PAB's do in spades.

    Ha, ha, ha, Bill Boring does it as well!

  6. Hey Norm, did you know about PAB getting caught portraying PAB staffers as doctors in a video about child abuse? Or do you have clairvoyant powers?

  7. What a sick world we live in these days - very much bolstered by the detrimental and down right misleading (lies)information of both Harper and Campbell - the strange 9% premier.

    I would say without any hesitation, that these types of jobs promote crime and illegal activities in general - after all they promote dishonesty and false hope to millions.

    I doubt that many PAB writers would be capable of holding down a "REAL AND PROPER JOB" - since they apparently lack any integrity or moral compass, concerned only with producing controvesial misinformation based on lies and innuendo. Pity the PAB employess couldn't actually live in the real world where honesty and integrity play a major part in ones employment and in most cases, the continuation of emplyment is conditional on the employee having a good measure of honesty, integrity and conscience.

    I suppose one must expect that the PAB so called writers have had trouble real gaining employment as most people would experience and have prostituted themselves for the almighty dollar.

    Sorry, just felt the urge to compliment these strange creatures.

  8. 50K?

    Really?.....I consider myself of average intelligence and having greater than average reverence for Beautiful BC, including reverence for the well being of all the people working hard at their daily jobs ....just so they can live here. I wouldn't have to get my hands dirty anymore...sounds good....or am I over-qualified for the position?

  9. "The HST will create jobs."
    "Corporate tax cuts will create jobs."
    "TILMA will create jobs."

    Am I hired yet? When do I start?

  10. Critical Thinking

    While looking at the PAB job application, I see the position requires "Demonstrated capacity for critical thinking (tested)". Norm, can you get a copy of that test so I can bone up on my critical thinking....though it doesn't look like it is too difficult if everyone that works for the PAB passed it.

  11. Just where is Harper's best buddy Campbell these days? Both of them seemed wifeless, until they really needed them, for important public appearances.

    Is there a difference between the PAB and the media's bias? I can't see where one starts, and the other ends.



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