Friday, April 15, 2011

Is justice only available to the rich and powerful?

From Laila Yuile:
Wonderful and stunning news that I wholeheartedly support!! I would very much like to host a fundraiser for residents of Surrey/WhiteRock/Delta/Langley in the near future to assist Susan’s fight for justice, and will post detail as soon as things are in motion!! Please email me directly if you would like to be involved!

I ask you, who will fight for you if your home, your business, was next?
Keep an eye on Laila Yuile's website and stay tuned about the fundraiser. Blog readers can make a difference on an important matter of justice.
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  1. This is doubly painful, given that this project was twice (I believe) rejected by the voters and should never have been built. It speaks volumes about how the trumped-up majority (often not a majority at all) can use the full weight of the legislative, executive and judicial arms of the government to render one person's life miserable for the profit of another. Susan Heyes represents the collective misery engendered by the Canada Line project, the benefits of which will largely accrue to SNC-Lavalin and Bombardier, if I remember the principals...

  2. It is truly sad, how the citizens are constantly cheated and lied to, by our government officials. Their words mean absolutely nothing.

    When you think of all the lies Campbell told. Decent people don't behave as, the BC Liberals do. They constantly, use every dirty tactic in the book, to steal from the citizens. The Liberals, lie to force asinine, unfair taxes on their own citizens.

    They steal from the province and the people, to stuff their own wallets. The sick part is, they are proud of themselves, for treating their citizens like dirt. Thieving from us, until we aren't even left enough money to live on. As people are beginning to say, BC politicians need a little Egyptian justice. In fact the entire country does. Harper is as much of a criminal as his good friend Campbell is.



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