Friday, April 22, 2011

He served too — in a think-tank

Courageous Warrior or Chickenhawk? When Stephen Harper dropped out after two months as a student at his hometown University of Toronto, he had little interest in military service. Instead, he took a job in the mail room of Imperial Oil.

The Online Urban Dictionary defines a chickenhawk as "A politician who promotes war without having had any personal experience of it"

One comment at Maclean's Magazine:

"Canada is and always has been our country?" (Well, it was someone else's country, then the French's, then the British's, then the French again, then the British again ... but then, yes, it was ultimately OURS, by act of the UK Parliament.)

"And we want Canada to be a True North that is as strong and as free as it can be in every way that matters ..." (Which ways matter to the Harper Government?)

"Faithful to our commitments" (Straight-couple shot. Cute.)

"Loyal to our friends" (Fighter jets with which to cooperate with our Russian allies/defend against the Russian menace.)

"A courageous warrior" (Stephen Harper -- lifelong civilian.)

"An example to the world" (Stephen Harper -- at the UN????? For realz?)

Another example of political messaging:

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  1. Hi Norm. Harper's campaign video on YouTube has "Comments disabled". So no one is allowed to disagree with him.
    But the blatant plagiarism from the Tea Party video is hard to stomach, right down to the music and the jets flying overhead. Has he no shame?!
    Harper ad strikingly similar to Tea Party Governor ad



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