Thursday, April 28, 2011

Conservative Bloc du Canada et du Québec

Stephen Harper may regret his criticism of coalition politics because, after Monday's election, his own survival may depend on Bloc Quebecois support. They will not announce a formal partnership but politics in Quebec and Ottawa has been long practiced with back room deals hidden from public view. Gilles Duceppe has ready a long list of Quebec-first demands. The question is not, "Can Bloc support be bought?" The only uncertainty is price.

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  1. If an NDP led minority government becomes a reality it would be so interesting and gratifying to watch Stephen Harper scramble to eat crow on his demonization of coaltion in our parliamentary system of government.

    As a member of the opposition, reformulating his views on 'evil coalition' would become his only and last resort to holding on to any semblance of power.

    Ah, what a day of reckoning that would be. Hope Canadians get to witness it.

  2. Hi will have to change the budget or risk losing his leadership. Ha ha

  3. Remember who's in power when the world has fallen apart. Right wing governments and Big business. Subprime mortgage, enron, stock market dives and the list goes on.
    It hasn't been the left wing socialists as the right wing likes to refer to them as.
    Crap they have to come in and clean up the mess left behind. And they need more than 1 term to do it.

  4. No matter the outcome, Harper is toast - the Reform/Conservative party will be looking for a new leader. Kinda warms the cockles of my heart.



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