Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Addition to list of blogs I follow

Dr. Michael Byers is a brilliant young academic with a broad vision of the world and what it should be. He has expertise in international law and a particular interest in the Arctic. Byers holds the Canada Research Chair in Global Politics and International Law at the University of British Columbia.

Prior to 2005, he was Professor of Law and Director of Canadian Studies at Duke University; from 1996-1999 he was a Fellow of Jesus College, Oxford University.

He is a regular contributor to Canadian media and an author. His most recent book is "Who Owns the Arctic?", described by Thomas Berger as "A much-needed road map for policy-makers and an unusually readable guide for every concerned citizen who wants to understand Canada's choices in the Arctic."

Michael lives on Salt Spring Island with his wife and two young children and serves on the board of The Salt Spring Forum, a place for new ideas holding workshops and conferences. Sign up for email announcements. Decorated media star Amy Goodman of Democracy Now! is expected to be the next guest speaker. Ms. Goodman you might remember is the journalist who scared the Harper Government. Scheduled in Vancouver for a talk at the Vancouver Public Library, government dummies were nervous that she might criticize VANOC and the Olympics. Immigration officers held her at the border for a time and served a departure notice forcing her to leave Canada immediately after her speech.

Dr. Byers has an interesting take on the proposed acquisition of F-35 stealth fighters. The article made me wonder if KarlHeinz Schreiber is dealing on behalf of Lockheed-Martin with Stephen Harper. We appear to be committed to a single engine aircraft that, compared to alternatives and the existing twin-engine CF-18s, is slower, has less range and firepower and is likely to have a lower "mission capable" rate. It seems to make up for these inadequacies by being a hell of a lot more expensive. I suppose that's good for somebody.

Anyway, I suggest you add Dr. Byers to your regular reading list. Catch him in person if you can too; his lectures are enjoyable and compelling.
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  1. Norm, I agree. Any chance to hear this man speak is an opportunity not to be missed. He's a very thoughtful man who is passionate about Canada. I've only attended one of his public events, but found him to be a very engaging and compelling speaker.

    Thanks for informing your readers of worthy blogs. That's the way we'll build a solid network of intelligent voices with which to help govern our way.

    Lord knows we need something to replace the withered and decaying mainstream media in BC and beyond. They've turned into a parody of themselves and, like the police, have all but lost any credibility as a vehicle upon society can rely for any guidance.



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