Wednesday, March 16, 2011

What next citizens?

Great comments here today on the Basi/Virk misadventure. The question is: now what? The law industry believes that a few unconnected citizens can sit on the sidelines crying "Foul!" but life will continue as always. For many judges and lawyers, justice is entirely secondary to the creation of personal wealth and influence. To them, the system would only be broken if their fees evaporated.

Christy Clark and her Liberal associates can pretend that nothing wrong occurred (correct Patrick Kinsella?) and mainstream media can stay sitting on their hands because to do otherwise would admit their ongoing corruption throughout the administration of Gordon Campbell.

Citizens must demand more and be active in doing so.

Regina v. Basi/Virk dragged on for six years, largely because the BC Liberal Government refused to cooperate by delaying and refusing to make critical files available, those not destroyed, that is. Yet, we learned from Ben Parfitt at The Tyee that Liberals can move quickly when their financial friends are in need. For example, water licenses can be secretly issued to gas producers in less than 24 hours.

G West suggests:
"Mackenzie's ruling should be appealed. I hope Basi and Virk (through their lawyers) will take the necessary steps to send this to the SCC...Given the fact Basi and Co. ended up with a cancelled bill for the legal work done on their behalf (from looking at the public accounts since this trial started I know the lawyers were already billing and being paid for their work on an ongoing basis) I don't think that undertaking this appeal would be too much to ask from both the lawyers AND their clients.

However, if they don't see the need to make such a public-spirited gesture I would have thought the media (especially CTV GLobe Media who have had their oar in this lake on behalf of the government/prosecution and could use a little injection of credibility) would also have a good reason to appeal Mackenzie's bizarre ruling."
The long vigilant BC Mary calls for action:
The citizens of British Columbia have work to do. Like the industrious beaver chosen as a Canadian emblem ... we must chew at the base of this corrupt gang still entrenched in B.C.

It's no use, any more, to keep saying how disgusted we are with Campbell and his gang, with MacKenzie who is part of another gang, and with the bafflegab coming out of Victoria and Ottawa.

Point #1: start pushing for the Public Enquiry -- not just on the plea bargain but on the entire corrupt sale of BC Rail.

Point #2: Keep pushing ... push harder, and don't let up until the Public Inquiry is established honestly, on principled grounds, led by someone of good character. Probably someone from out-of-province. Or someone who stands apart."
Canadian Canary points out how media such as the Times Colonist and CTV play the game on behalf of our purported betters, emphasizing that all is well, except for minor problems that can be easily solved, a position taken consistently by MSM.
"And, then we should all pay attention to this news nugget that those of us in the great unwashed public were not informed of by the meanstream media
Anonymous contributions include:
"We need to keep throwing it into the faces of the government and all that supported them. Just maybe, something will click and things will be done the way they should have been initially."
There are things that each of us can do.
  • Participate in online forums and radio talk shows (remember the Bill Good show prefers cheerleaders, not Liberal critics);
  • Write letters to the editors of major dailies and community papers;
  • Complain to news media about unbalanced coverage;
  • Complain to CBSC and regulatory authorities about unbalanced coverage;
  • Distribute blog links and encourage others to read online journalists;
  • Write your MLA and MP;
  • Join a political party, support people you admire with both effort and cash.
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  1. Spring is on its way and that means t-shirt weather, any enterprising silk screeners out their ? I bet a good well designed BC Rail theft message would be an economic and political succes.

  2. Good idea. Bumper stickers and T-shirts, citizen funded single issue newspaper delivered to every home with the real stories about HST and BC Rail.

  3. Norm, I'm no legal expert, just a confused ordinary citizen at times. Today, I read the following " One of the two men acquitted of murder in the 1985 bombing of an Air India plane is suing the governments of B.C. and Canada.
    Ajaib Singh Bagri claims authorities were negligent in destroying taped evidence and then prosecuting him"
    As I'm reading this, I'm wondering about the charter rights of the citizens of BC, who once owned BC Rail ? Yesterday our legal system declared that documents in the case must be returned to be destroyed. And then, there was the missing tapes by the Liberal government. Maybe as citizens, we should sue the Liberals ?

    Guy in Victoria

  4. It would take the work of an experienced litigation person but I imagine a good case could be made for preservation of evidence, even if only for future historical review. The BC Liberals stand accused by us and yet Judge MacKenzie gives them custody of the evidence for its destruction. Amazing.

    Any lawyers out there willing to seek an injunction and request a higher court review of MacKenzie's decision? I'd love to see that land on the desk of Appeal Court Justice Elizabeth Bennett, a person who is beyond reproach.

  5. "Things each of us can do"
    I've done most of the things on the list, but one I will be most proud of....should it ever to have some of my acquaintances and co-workers actually stop by or phone their local MLA....I don't care whether it is with praise or with worry...just make the MLA's earn their keep by responding. These are good people, mostly younger tradesmen with families. They hear my rants over the last couple of years and for the most part agree "somebody has to do something". All say "I never heard about that!". One fellow has actually taken the address of his MLA's office...though he hasn't called yet. That one small step is pretty big in our world here at the shop. I will keep you informed of how it goes.

  6. I have found, if you e-mail ministers and mla's and, ask questions they don't want to answer, they don't. Some of their sites, just kick your e-mails back to you. This tells me, the guilt is there. I still send at least one e-mail per day.

    The next party in, had better clean up the corrupt judicial system. Clean out the corrupt RCMP, corruption in Elections BC. Stop the tampering in the FOI. Kick the media in the ass. They are a disgrace, to their professions. I support none of them.

    Everything Campbell touched, he dirtied. Campbell's corrupt sale of our BCR, is the dirtiest, most corrupt, evil event in Canadian history. Campbell belongs in prison, nothing will ever change my mind on that. The BC ministers, I find just as disgusting as Campbell. They backed that monster, to the hilt.

  7. Thank you Motorcycleguy for being so ...genuine. We need more of you.




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