Friday, March 18, 2011

Sleaze rules in BC

RE: Sean Holman's Public Eye:  

Lines of defence prepared for Hochstein appointment

Comment by Warren White of Victoria, sent also to MSM pundits: Palmer, Hall, Good, Bailey, etc.
"FYI – the email dates in the FOI stuff you got show this appointment process was started around November 17, 2010….

"Fight HST issued a press release November 15, 2010 to confirm the recall against Ida Chong was to start November 22 , 2010.

"Interesting how those dates match up so closely….looks very much like a “quid pro quo” arrangement from the start, tied to Hochstein contributing big bucks from the ICBA to Ida’s defence.

"And the numbers work out –  the ICBA officially put in approximately $43,000 to Ida Chong’s campaign, and Phil/the ICBA will get paid a minimum of $60,000 or so for his 3 year term on the Board.

"Sleaze.  Liberal allies bought/rewarded with public monies. Shameful.  And the mainstream media and pundits leave it alone. . . "
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  1. That a beautiful province as ours, should have the scum of the earth, bent on destroying it, disgusts me. Hochstein is something that makes decent peoples skin crawl. So does his buddy Campbell, he is equally as revolting.

    We would have been a thousand times better off with Carole James, than with the criminal Campbell. Campbell and Hansen blatantly lied, to get that monster re-elected. I am happy, Campbell will have to have security, to guard him for the rest of his life. Campbell is the most despised person in Canada. He is the worst, corrupt, criminal premier, in the history of this country.

    Ida Chong really deserved to be thrown out, she is a total useless twit. However, she will not be re-elected. The BC Liberals, will never be back in office in BC, ever again. We will never forgive nor forget their crimes. How many BC ministers have been under investigated, during Campbell's time in office? There were so many, I haven't been able to keep track. The media, is a total and utter disgrace to their professions. When the Liberals are gone, we will remember the media's treachery, and treat them accordingly. The judicial system, also needs a good purge. As does the RCMP, and Elections BC. Lots of dirty deals to be cleaned up. The day of reckoning will come.



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