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The Canadian Association of Broadcasters (CAB) bills itself as the collective voice of Canada's private broadcasters. It advocates for the industry and administers the Canadian Broadcast Standards Council (CBSC).

The CAB Code of Ethics.

Clause 5 News:
It shall be the responsibility of broadcasters to ensure that news shall be represented with accuracy and without bias. Broadcasters shall satisfy themselves that the arrangements made for obtaining news ensure this result. They shall also ensure that news broadcasts are not editorial.

News shall not be selected for the purpose of furthering or hindering either side of any controversial public issue, nor shall it be formulated on the basis of the beliefs, opinions or desires of management, the editor or others engaged in its preparation or delivery. The fundamental purpose of news dissemination in a democracy is to enable people to know what is happening, and to understand events so that they may form their own conclusions.

Nothing in the foregoing shall be understood as preventing broadcasters from analyzing and elucidating news so long as such analysis or comment is clearly labeled as such and kept distinct from regular news presentations. Broadcasters are also entitled to provide editorial opinion, which shall be clearly labeled as such and kept entirely distinct from regular broadcasts of news or analysis.

Broadcasters shall refer to the Code of Ethics of the Radio and Television News Directors of Canada ("RTNDA") for more detailed provisions regarding broadcast journalism in general and to the CAB Violence Code for guidance with respect to the depiction of violence, graphic reporting of delicate subject matter or the use of explicit language in news and public affairs programming on television.
Making Complaints to the CBSC

Making a Complaint

Your Concerns Are Important

If you see or hear something that concerns you, this is what you should do:

1. Write down the following information.

  1. the name, date and time of the program
  2. the name or call letters of the broadcaster
  3. a short summary of what concerned you

2. Then contact the broadcaster.

Register your concerns with the broadcaster by phone, letter, fax or e-mail and you will get a response.
Most complaints are settled in this way.

3. If you still are not satisfied, let us know.

If you are not satisfied by the broadcaster’s response, then send us the details. We will investigate your complaint further.
Don’t wait too long. Broadcasters have to keep tapes of their radio and television programming for only a short time. If you have a complaint please write us as soon as possible.
The Complaint Form found on our website makes it easy for you to submit your complaint.
The CBSC's offices are in Ottawa. You can write to us at our address. You can also send in your complaint via fax or email.
We will serve you in English or French. See the Other Languages section for services offered in additional languages to English and French.
For more information concering the Complaints Process, see the related Making a complaint FAQs section.

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  1. Though I did not register a complaint with the CBSC, I did with the follows

    Thank You for Your Submission
    Your comment was successfully submitted to the CRTC.

    You are commenting on the Notice #: 2011-14-Call for comments on amendments to the Radio Regulations, 1986, Television Broadcasting Regulations, 1987, Pay Television Regulations, 1990, Specialty Services Regulations, 1990, and the Broadcasting Information Regulations, 1993

    Topic is to discuss restriction of the use of the term "News" to programs that report events with a mandate to present all points of view in a balanced manner by organizations not connected to political contributions of any form. Reason is lack of confidence that the voices of ordinary Canadians are being listened to by policy makers. This is evidenced by the progression to this stage of such an amendment proposal.

    Intervention-Comment: Opposition

    **Beginning of submission, paragraph 1 of 1**

    I am strongly opposed to any further relaxation of standards relating to truthfulness in broadcasting. This includes deception by omission of facts and or events pertinent to the subject. Following is my below complaint as registered by your office on Oct 6, 2009. Re Canwest/Global group of companies, I would like them to be restricted from using the term "News". Any communication company that donates to any political party, except those that donate equally to all parties, are not providing the general public with a balanced reporting of events or government policies. These are merely entertainment programs and should be labelled as such. Canwest appears to acknowledge this fact by slotting Entertainment Tonight immediately after their "news" program in our viewing area. The time slot from 5:00pm to 8:00pm becomes just one long entertainment program with "Local News", "National News", "Local News" again, "ET Tonite", then "ET Canada". The corollary to this complaint is that funding to the CBC must be maintained and/or increased in order that the taxpaying public is being informed by true professional journalists.

    **End of submission**

  2. What a brilliant article you have written! Bravo!
    The MSm should be totally ashamed for their lack of real reporting.

  3. The biggest problem is that the fox in now in charge of the henhouse. And most people don't realize and don't care.

  4. Bravo, Norm!

    Those of us who do care and are really fed up with the quality of reporting in the MSM must step up to the plate and begin to demand better. Yes, it takes some effort to write a letter or pick up the phone. But if we really want change then we cannot sit back complacently and expect bloggers to do all our work for us - they will burn out and we simply cannot afford to let that happen.



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