Monday, March 21, 2011

The power of one

People without substantial individual resources who act together multiply the power of one. We can enable those who despoil the world for private gain or we can build bridges to knowledge and respect for nature and the rights of future citizens to enjoy a world not ruined.

Responding to online discussions finding fault with the balance and fairness of broadcast and print media, one reader of Northern Insights took action. That person shares it with us and you are invited to follow suit.

This a letter sent by a potential customer to an advertiser:
My name is xxxxxx xxxxxxx, my address is XXXX XXXXXXX XXX, XXXXXX

I am looking to purchase something similar to the Model XXXXX, sold by your company. This is a purchase I intend to make in the near future.

I would like to make you aware that I have been very displeased with the quality of journalism and proper coverage of news events in BC on radio station CKNW [or Station X or newspaper Y]. The programming is heavily slanted in favour of the current government and offers no alternate points of view....thus the general public is not aware of many important issues that are adversely affecting out province.

As you advertise on the CKNW website [or other place] I will look elsewhere for the product I wish to purchase.

Thank you for your consideration of my thoughts on this.

Yours truly,

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  1. This country is rotten with corruption.

    I despise Harper's global government plan for Canada. I am fed up with BC tax dollars going to the east. Campbell, Hansen and Harper, forced the HST on the BC people, and the hated tax doesn't even stay in BC, Campbell gave it to Harper. Harper controls all of the HST provinces. The government thieves from the people to give, our money to the wealthiest corporations in the world.

    Alberta had it right, the western provinces, have to separate from the east. It is said, the western provinces would be 40% better off. I am fed up with Harper's dictatorship regime. I am sick of the east dictating to the west. Quebec will support Harper, if he gives then $5 billion. How much more disgusting does it have to get, before the west wakes up?

    In BC, the Liberal and the Conservatives, are one and the same party. Campbell works for Harper. Christy Clark, has a Conservative strategist working for her. Campbell makes me ill. His face just beams, in Harper's presence. Make no mistake, Campbell still governs this province. Christy is only his mouthpiece.

    The west doesn't have the population, to blackmail for favors from Ottawa. So our tax dollars are mainly used for the east, and the west has got only crumbs for, absolute decades. Chretien said, he didn't like the people from the west, because they are different. Well we western people didn't like him either. I am sick of the corruption, lies, deceit, thieving of our assets and natural resources in BC. The only way to rid ourselves from this disgusting corruption, is to separate from the east. Campbell could then go east and work for his buddy, Harper. And dammed good riddance, to the lot of them.

  2. To add to what Anonymous 12.50pm has said - and what we all dislike intensly, is the obvious bias and corruption of the MSM in BC.

    To illustrate what I mean, today the Vancouver Sun runs a main story about how BC companies get ready to aid in disater relief work and reconstruction.

    The story makes a big deal about BC companies getting ready to aid Japan should the need arise - then went on to say that one company was contracted to deliver/build homes in Indonesia in 2004 - ie PAID.

    Deliberately misleading commentaries by the newspapers. When I first read the story a reader had commented on how these companies were standing there with their hands out for money, to profit from Japan's misery and misfortune. The comment was deleted by the newspaper when I went back to check the story again.

    Even newspapers cannot get their facts right. They said these companies were ready to aid the Japanese - aid implies giving or volunteering time, money and materials to help. That is not the case if the story is read properly.

    Again, we have MSM telling/writing stories that are both false and misleading due to loose definitions and play on words. Sure does sound familiar eh - Campbell written all over it.

    It is getting to be more than pitiful, what is happening now. There is no such thing as honour, truth or integrity these days from either the BC and Canadian governments and newspapers.

    I feel better for that little rant.

    Thank you

  3. You are welcome for the space but don't stop there. Push the newspaper to clarify their report. Examine the British Columbia Press Council and complain if you feel that do not meet the standards to which they have committed themselves.



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