Friday, March 4, 2011

One small sad piece of a very large failure

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  1. Shameful. We need to get our forces out of Afghanistan now! We are being lied to by the Harper Government about our reasons for being there. He continues to expose our loyal troops to risk of criminal acts, committed by orders from above.

  2. Canada, is supposed to be a, peace keeping nation. Canada's prestige has really gone down hill, because of Harper and his piss on you attitude. His refusal to co-operate, with other countries, his stubborn nature and reneging on promises. Harper has embarrassed Canadians, far too often. Canada is now, a huge morass of corruption. Harper is the worst thing, that has ever happened to Canada. Vote him in, and we will have Canada, in a Global governance. Harper is rabid, to be re-elected, even willing to cheat, to do so. Does that remind us of anyone?

  3. Canadians don't care about this, unfortunately the support for Harper and his cons has never been higher.



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