Thursday, March 24, 2011

New York town moves to protect water supply from fracking

Awareness builds elsewhere but the BC Government subsidizes hydraulic fracturing and enables the gas industry unprecedented access to fresh water, while ignoring the economic value of this precious resource. And they claim to be competent managers of the public business:
Wales, NY (WBEN) -- The Town of Wales is poised to adopt a law banning the controversial gas-drilling technique of hydraulic fracturing, more colloquially known as hydro-fracking.

The concern is that hydro-fracking could inadvertently lead to the contamination of the town's water supply.

"The Town of Wales relies 100 percent on well water. We have no public water available to us," explains town Councilman Michael Simon, who helped write the proposed legislation.

Simon says he didn't know very much about hydro-fracking until recently, when he started doing some research. The more he learned, the more worried he became. . .

H/T to reader J.W.
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