Saturday, March 19, 2011

If you want to hear the leadership debate first hand

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  1. Hey Norm, once again, you offer one of the strongest alternatives to the Meanstream Media anywhere. Hell, you best them.

    The rancid Big Cheeses of BC journalism continue to provide the stingiest, most grudging coverage to the NDP leadership race, and heavens, never anything prior to an event (unlike the cleansing and coronation of the media's darling Christy in the week running up to the BC Liberal party vote).

    So, in my book Northern Insights is doing the job that the once-credible Vancouver SPUN-Province and the Victoria Times-Apologist should be doing. And I now include the Globe and Mail's "BC Edition" and their reporters (Mason, Hunter, Hume, et al) as part of BC's smelly MSM corpse.

    I think your approach to blogging is the wave of the future that will spell the end of the corporate mouthpieces masquerading as the "fifth estate", the voice of the people.

  2. Blush, blush. Thank you but I like to give credit to the many people who are contributing to intelligent dialog on the web. Some are writing regular blogs, some commenting on blogs and media sites, aiming to correct misinformation. There are many smart people online who inspire me to continue and, the more I learn, the more certain I become that British Columbia's social, economic and political orders are in disorder.

    Look at the readers responses to the Globe and Mail articles this weekend. No wonder the writers hate online comments; the identify and counteract BS.

    The shills are trapped by their own blindness to truth. See the slap down in comments of "Cool Luke", a BC Liberal lap dog, at a Tyee article about Gwyn Morgan.

    That will force Cool Hand to change his pseudonym, again.

    I hope we can stimulate people to look at all sides of issues. Justice, fair treatment, right and wrong are not matters of left and right. However, if the mainstream media has no understanding of ethical journalism, will we ever have an honest democracy?

  3. Great stuff Norm,I read you blog,see your comments on other blogs and respect your opinions.Thank you for the work that you do.

  4. Agreed with the first poster. Unfortunately, the only sure way of finding out about where the NDP candidates stand is to go to these debates. Check Holman's piece ( for some of the most appalling logic you`ll see in a long time: apparently a candidate suggesting he doesn`t fit into what the supposed reporter`s idea of an ideological box means that everyone will be confused.

  5. Tony, sometimes online writers need to feed the site but have little worth saying. God knows, I've been there. Let's give Public Eye a pass on that empty piece because it is one guy trying to survive on hard work, without the resources of other press gallery folks.



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