Thursday, March 24, 2011

Greens should stand aside when Clark seeks election

The BC Green Party sent out notices this week, reminding of their upcoming AGM and campaign school. Greens also had this to say about a by-election that may happen, if Christy Clark's tasseography provides the right answer.
"We are anticipating that Christy Clark will run for the seat in Vancouver Point Grey that Gordon Campbell has vacated. We expect a by-election could be called soon. We’re excited that a well-qualified person has stepped forward to seek the nomination. Look for an official announcement about our candidate soon! We’re looking for members and volunteers to help campaign."
This is an unfortunate mistake. To protect and preserve the our province's future, we must eliminate the BC Liberal majority government. People who care about British Columbia ought to coalesce to end the environmental vandalism of BC Liberals.

Christy Clark and the Liberals should be held accountable for BC Rail and the Basi/Virk scandal. She should answer for the pending destruction of BC Hydro so that Liberal associates receive guaranteed profits selling the public electricity generated in public rivers. Liberals can explain why highly profitable oil and gas producers need subsidies, vast quantities of free water and roads built to service their wells. She should justify ordinary citizens paying HST and carbon taxes to fund billions of corporate tax cuts while transit funding goes begging throughout the province.

Clark should also tell us why tolls might be acceptable for two ancient Vancouver bridges while government pays contractors secret tolls from general revenues on the Bennett Bridge and the Sea to Sky Highway. Of the old bridges now proposed for tolling, one was built in 1958 and the other in 1937 and paid for twice already through tolls. The North Shore has had no new road access in 50 years and the BC Liberals reneged on an election promise to add a third sea bus to ease over crowding on the present service.

Let the BC Liberals put up Christy Clark while the Official Opposition puts up their finest.  Clark would not escape being accountable for the deplorable policies of her party. Liberals will try to evade, hoping that numerous candidates will fracture the opposition vote, allowing Clark to sneak into the Legislature with 38% of the vote. Liberals will again drag out turncoat environmentalists who have forsaken their interest in the land for interest in their bank accounts. Faux environmentalists working for independent power producers helped the Liberals to victory in 2009. The party will employ similar strategy in Point Grey.
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  1. Norm, I agree 110% on this. Remember Gordo barely held this predominantly right-leaning, higher income riding last time as SITTING PREEM. Of course it isn't as if he is a likable guy.

    Another scenario is having a three way split on the right with the BC liaRs, a real(or Harperite PseudoCon) Conservative and right wing/libertarian who likes birds running under the Faux Green banner splitting the "free market" worshipping anti-NDP vote.

    After last nite's "fixed" nomination proceedings in Penticton Doris Day's old riding, for years a jurisdiction where being NDP was illegal could be in play for the feds.

    Love the previous posts about the silly editor in Kamloops and his laughable attempts to justify the indefensible - you apologize - WOW!

    Also, your post about George Abbott's visit to the BCTF convention was right on. I'm sooooo glad he didn't win the BC liaR leadership as he is the only one of those creeps I can actually tolerate and I figure he was the least likely to lead to the necessary decimation of the current criminal regime. He is also the only BC liaR I could even imagine crossing the floor and fitting into a revitalized BC NDP, preferably under the leadership of Big Good John Horgan.

  2. Sorry, but I forgot in the above comment to remember to thank you for making me get out my Oxford with "tasseography."

    You must keep an OED unabridged next to the porcelain throne for those "slow" movements. I mean where in bejesus did you come up with that one, it isn't even in MOST dictionaries? But hey, I am a firm believer in the right word for the particular moment and you hit the jackpot with that one there.

  3. I felt the same way about Abbott, he strikes me as a man with a heart and a conscience but then I once thought that of Colin Hansen so I can be fooled.

    I don't hold out much hope for the Greens standing aside. As you might expect, the Libs have infiltrated them and intend to play the Greens like an instrument.

  4. If Christy reads this, I'll have to explain tasseography to her. Kamloops Daily News editor wanted to play the game, "What the meaning of is, is." The term professor in our society has a particular meaning and he knows damn well he was simply overselling his source.

    Any chance that many people in the interior are learning about fracking?

  5. I have thought the same Norm, or moreso that the NDP and Greens should put forward a coalition/ common front for the next election. It is that important. Maybe the newly elected NDP leader would consider a private convo with Jane and see if they can't come to an understanding. Desperate times call for desperate measures and these are desperate times.


  6. I think a lot of people agree with kootdoot, we just want the right people no matter the label (the contents do not always match the label)....left, right, centre, up, down...just not backwards. Horgan definitely has good, commonsense policies on environmental/energy issues as well as budget/business issues. It is hard to find fault with them if one is truly interested in the good of the province and its people as a whole. Of all the parties/leaders he has the best ability to command an audience whether by public debate or one on one. There are some good people in all parties...they just need to get, not behind....on board with.... someone who enhances
    (rather than diminishes) their credibility, exposure, ability to effect change...etc

  7. Good comment MC Guy, as usual. I too don't care about left, right, up or down. Focusing on the left right dichotomy is unhelpful when the real struggle is between those who deserve rewards through honest effort and enterprise and those who claim rewards in secret through influence peddling and outright bribery.



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