Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Efficiencies or surrender?

Cuts announced in Tuesday's federal budget are "the result of identifying efficiencies in operation", says DFO Minister Gail Shea. By 2014, almost $57 million will be trimmed from Fisheries and Oceans. Read more about Shea here.

British Columbia Finance Minister Kevin Falcon said, "From a B.C. perspective it’s a good budget."

This came after testimony in the Cohen Inquiry shows DFO has ignored and downplayed science that fish farming contributes to destruction of the wild salmon fishery. The Harper Government provides no evidence of efficiencies, only evidence of surrender. DFO is assigning our coastal waters to multi-national fish farmers.

Alexandra Morton is a more trusted observer than political partisans in Victoria and Ottawa who fix their eyes on cash that slimes the paths to Parliament.

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