Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Change? Maybe not.

I've been an admirer of Simi Sara's work for a number of years. As an accomplished broadcast journalist, she can handle anything from smartly talking politics with national newsmakers to making Chiles en Nogada with Chef Manuel. One web profile described her,
"Confident, charismatic and utterly honest – Simi Sara can walk into a room and illuminate it with her warm smile and infectious laughter."
Sitting in for Mike Smyth on NW today, she demonstrated comfort and skill, talking politics, professional sport and nuclear realities. She would be a perfect permanent replacement for any tired old talk show host that Corus Radio might notice in the studio some mornings.

I enjoyed the John Cummins segment. This was straight shooter interviewer with plain spoken politician, one who will likely be active on the provincial scene very soon. Sara asked the Conservative Member of Parliament if he expected Christy Clark's government would do anything different. Cummins response,
"It's the same old group that is standing there. These fellows and ladies that accepted positions in that cabinet are the same people that sat there and said nothing when Gordon Campbell lied about selling off BC Rail, when he brought in the HST, when he rammed these "run-of-the-river" hydro projects down our throats. They sat there and said nothing, content to be quiet so they could remain in Cabinet. I don't expect they're going to be any different now."
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  1. John Cummins: what a breath of fresh air!
    Hope he forms a BC Conservative party, and rattles Ms Clark back to radioland.

  2. So, being guilty of reaching over and putting on the wrong pair of glasses some mornings....that would be the rose coloured ones....and not being entrenched in one party vs another...why wouldn't Cummins hook up with Horgan and hammer out some common ground to actually look after things and take our rightful place in the world. I know, I know....all of the political veterans will look down on such a naive and politically un-intelligent approach......but I want to illustrate that there are an awful lot of people out here that just want to have a leadership team that for the most part is looking after the people and this great province we are so lucky to live in. We want balance. We want commonsense. We want a sense of presence. We are very weary of conventional party stances. We don't want a few people making a lot of money without adding value by way of actual work. There are basic philosophical differences between the NDP and the Conservatives...and the Liberals...but each party has some people that surely have a conscience to fix things....or does someone like myself lose all credibility for thinking like this? I bet I will be taught a lesson by further comments.

  3. I agree. The false left/right schism should be consigned to the junk heap of history. Conservation, precaution, balance, common sense, fairness, justice, democracy, openness, efficiency, enterprise and knowledge are not matters of left and right.

  4. Sorry, but that would not work. Cummins is a pull-yourself-up-by-your-bootstraps conservative. New Democrats with any social conscience would never in a million years accept him. Horgan has talked about an anti-poverty strategy, which would make Cummins's supporters run in horror. Horgan has also talked about support for/by unions, which would likewise be seen as untenable by Cummins's fellows. The left-right dichotomy has long been proved false, but people have to be bound by common principles and those common principles must go beyond wanting to undo the damage done by the Liberals.

  5. Seems like I recall Cummins sitting on his tongue during the HST vote in Ottawa but got off his ar$e to vote in favour of it.

    I wonder how he'll try and explain that to the BC taxpayer/voter should he align himself with the BC Conservatives?

  6. Further to the concept of common principles, Jeremy Bentham wrote:

    "That the greatest happiness of the greatest number is the foundation of morals and legislation."



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