Tuesday, March 1, 2011

BC Liberals to feed the lions ?

Colin Hansen and Kash Heed should resign along with Gordon Campbell so that Christie Clark has a better chance of winning a seat in the Legislature.
  • BC Liberals can rid themselves of three major embarrassments and better pretend meaningful renewal even if one of the new candidates is an aging botox queen.
  • With only one high profile by-election, Clark faces a dangerous challenge running alone in Vancouver Point Grey. She would be the focus for all dissatisfaction targeting BC Liberals and putting three or more constituencies into play will diffuse opposition.
  • Heed, Hansen and Campbell are as one on issues of trust by the public, or lack of it. Their removal would leave the illiberal party stronger.
  • The Finance Ministry and Gordo's boy, Deputy Minister Graham Whitmarsh, can be made to wear the decision to pay $6 million for the Basi/Virk trial result.
  • Hansen and Campbell are the ones most associated with fudged budgets and HST. Their removal, perhaps with a minor and temporary rate reduction will save the consumption tax for the Liberal's business patrons.
This strategic advice is offered to Christie Clark at no cost and with no obligation. However, if there are any million dollar executive positions or rich consulting contracts available in return, let me know.
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