Sunday, February 27, 2011


There are tens of billions at stake and this is one of the reasons the Obama Administration scares the uber-rich:

From the Financial Times:
A US tax evasion investigation that has prompted charges against several Swiss bankers has expanded to include Israeli and Asian banks, according to lawyers close to the probe.
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  1. Sweet....the uber rich will be made to pay their taxes just like everyone else.

  2. Can't have the rich pay taxes now can we? Taxes are just for us-to fund the military and police,and to pay for more tax breaks and giveaways to the rich.

  3. If anyone saw the Academy Award Winning documentary, 'Inside Job' acceptance speech tonight, it was prefaced with the fact that not one of the people that created the financial disaster has been prosecuted or put in jail.
    I saw the documentary and I feel that people who's only purpose in life is to screw anyone that gets in their way should be hung up by a specific appendage(s), depending on the sex, and left to be stoned by passer-bys.
    Not quite sure why we, as a society of people that work hard and make the fortunes for these complete AH's put up with this BS.
    At one time because we were fed the lie that if you work hard enough, you too can make it to the 'top paid' class.
    But what the heck are we thinking people, that ain't going to happen as long as we close our eyes, ears, and nose to the stench of the insipid losers that spend their time and energy proving that there is a sucker born every minute.
    From what my acquaintances tell me, they just don't have time to get involved or even pay attention to what is going on around them.
    Too busy trying to make filet mignon out of crappy hamburger meat while remaining in the duck and cover posture.
    What do you think it will take to get people to remove their head from the dark place that it is stored?
    Wish someone would answer that for me.
    Christy Clark is our 'premier elect'. WTF
    I hate to say this, but I am losing faith in Obama. Thought that for once in a long time there was a leader with some guts. I believe now that I was sadly wrong.

  4. Stay tuned for more discussion on these points. Large commercial crimes are hidden behind impregnable shields within labyrinths built by sophisticated people. Further, laws against financials crimes are designed to be weak and investigation and prosecution resources are both limited and suspect, as the Special Prosecutors in BC have been shown to be.

  5. We have a two tiered justice system, one for corrupt politicians, the other for, the everyday people. Nowhere is this more clear, than in BC. The trial of, Campbell's corrupt sale of the BCR, was a total farce. Tried in a corrupt court. Presided over by a corrupt judge. Brain dead witnesses permitted. After the testimony, of one and a half, of those witnesses, the trial was stopped cold. And we people of BC, know exactly why the trial was stopped. The blatant corruption of the BC courts, was in evidence as, they swept the crimes of the RCMP, right under the carpet. Crimes video taped and all, for the world to see.

    I think we all see, it is huge corporations that govern. People in other countries are rebelling, and the anger is spreading. Even Harper is afraid, the anger will spill into Canada. I can't remember where I read this, Harper was to call a special meeting just in case, the Canadian citizens would also rebel. The citizens of Canada, are fed up with the, lies, deceit, and the thieving of governments, from our provinces and the people in them, all across Canada. Harper, is very aware of the anger in Canada. He also knows, who is to blame.



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