Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A question that needs an answer

G. West is always good for logical and consistent comments. This one seems to me worth serious thought since it applies broadly. The original statement was at The Tyee as a response to Bill Tieleman's article on Cuba.
"Why hasn't anyone in the paid media written something about the disconnect between the 'set my hair on fire' public reaction to the killing of 100 dogs and the almost total lack of a response to the death of 21 babies as reported by Turpel-Lafond in her most recent report as children's watchdog for BC?"
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  1. Hi Norm,

    I agree with G West. Paying Attention, a blog run by Paul Willcocks, describes the abject failure of representatives from the MCFD on this file; and he also gives a full account of each of the deaths of the 21 infants. Although the contents is disturbing, sickening, and quite depressing, it is something each of us needs to read.

  2. One reason could be that in the Province newspaper, it put the article on Page 31, after the comics, lifestyle, and one page before the financial section,in a small side column, that is how the newspaper rates the importance of this story. But should anyone be suprised?

  3. Quite sad indeed. Paul Wilcox has written on the ministry of shame aka CFS and rarely gets any comments in the feedback loop. Since the Ted Hughes report not much outrage has been evident where the outrage in my mind should be colossal. For me these issues alone were enough to condemn the bc liberals to the sidelines forever and perhaps the issue warrants an investigation for neglect and emotional abuse. Mary Polak...defies words...although scary comes to mind.

    I am of the opinion people don't care very much about wards of the government (who really are all of our children responsibility-wise).

    In my mind the social workers and support workers should have taken to the streets in peaceful protest regarding the misery of CFS, but nary a peep.

    First nations who I enthusiastically support need to put this issue on the top of their list as well as the gov’ very sad.

  4. History has shown that child deaths only matter when it's the NDP running government.

  5. Reposted from Facebook:

    Is it a coincidence that the dog sled massacre, that happened 9 months ago, was released at the same time as the report on the deaths of 21 children?
    Smoke and mirrors?
    I have a couple of nagging questions. Who, in the government knew this happened, when did they learn it happened and when did the RCMP find out it happened?
    Was this sat on? to be released at a convenient time. I dinno, something stinks to me about it all.

  6. In Gordon Campbell's BC, dead dogs are more important than dead babies.

    In Gordo's universe, if business is bad, it is all right to kill off the overhead.

    In Gordo's universe, if the province is in debt, don't raise taxes for the wealthy, just let poor babies die.

    Evil is as evil does!



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