Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Public service is so, so rewarding

VANCOUVER, British Columbia, Canada 2/16/11 (PennWell) --
Innergex Renewable Energy Inc announced it will buy privately-owned Cloudworks Energy Inc for C185 million (US187 million), expanding its hydroelectric power assets in the Canadian province of British Columbia.

The acquisition will help diversify the assets of Innergex, a small Canadian renewable energy producer, which operates run-of-river hydro projects and wind farms mostly in its home province of Quebec.

Cloudworks, which employs 30 people, owns a 50.01 percent stake in six run-of-river hydroelectric facilities with a combined gross installed capacity of 150 MW, news agencies reported.

Jackie Hamilton has held various positions with Cloudworks since 1998, including Regulatory Advisor, Vice President, Environmental & Regulatory, and now is focusing exclusively on Policy Initiatives with the Cloudworks Executive Team, including working on industry initiatives as Chair of the Hydro Committee of IPPBC. Her background is in various BC government environmental assessment and regulatory management positions, and, as a consultant, assisting with approvals and consultation for numerous major projects in BC. She obtained the approvals for ten Cloudworks projects, seven of which are in operation.

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  1. Unfreaking believable!
    By the time all of this insider chicanery is sorted out (if ever), Campbell will make Mubarak look like a choir boy.
    Are there no laws against these despicable, selfish acts?

  2. I want to comment, but am too angry...again. Anybody from mainstream media reading this? Get out and see for yourselves how you are being duped about the scale of these. At least look at some construction photos. Or are enough dividends coming in and you don't have to worry about the economic folly for the rest of us not on the inside? Bets on when this one goes to foreign ownership as well? Bets on how often this person has been out to respect our wilderness areas? Bets on how much this person has promoted conservation (of anything)?

  3. Send me photos, I'll publish them and they will be seen by thousands.

  4. Innergex & Cloudworks contributions to BC "Liberals"

    2005/7/8/9: $20,750

    Ray Blessin

  5. Dare I use the word 'incestuous' or 'nepotism' -- the inter mingling of private company executive in decision making position at BC Hydro as noted here should be illegal.

  6. "Dare I use the word 'incestuous' or 'nepotism' "

    Without a trace of sensationalism the correct word to denote the seamless intergration of government and business/corporate forces to serve their own interests at the expense of the rest of the people
    is FASCISM! Indeed what is going on in BC is virtually a text book example of fascism gone viral!




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