Wednesday, February 23, 2011

No news embargo in alternative media

Mainstream media throughout history has mainly reflected and promoted interests of the elites. Since ownership of media is concentrated in so few hands today, the statement has never had more strength.

One indisputable example of news distorted or embargoed involved the Nazi links of King Edward VIII and his wife Wallis Simpson, who passed secrets to her Nazi lover, Joachim von Ribbentrop. Even before he became King, Edward was immune from press criticism, by agreement of the press barons:
"[Those in the know] were aware that, as Prince of Wales, he had spent as little time as he could on the tedious official duties of a constitutional monarchy, preferring a hedonistic lifestyle of travelling, partying, nightclubbing, yachting, swimming, hunting and playing golf.

". . . Nonetheless, newspapers spoke generously of his 'versatility', his 'vitality' and his 'genuine interest in bettering the condition of his people'. They made no mention of his affairs with usually married women."
Today's lustful princes of industry, enticed by wanton promises, move about British Columbia fracking its citizens and landscape. Newspapers applaud this as a return to the good old days of naked capitalism and individualism when the minions knew respectful places. However, in early days of British Columbia, penniless pioneers arrived with ambition and dreams, built businesses, then empires, created wealth and arm-wrestled unions over rightful shares. They ended lives as philanthropists, returning assets to the very communities that enriched them, not adding to already deep pockets of right-wing foundations and their malevolent information infrastructure.

Wealth is now bound in paper not in tangible achievements. Accountants, traders, hedgers, economists, arbitrageurs, brokers, quants and others are more important than inventors and inventions. Ethics and morality are outdated concepts. Media pays deference to clients and sees no duty to tell truth, only duty to serve those patrons.

Of course, exceptions are found in the alternative press. From Gabriel Yiu, B.C. Liberals' contractual obligations hide magnitude of provincial debt
"I still remember that in the 1990s, the business community, the Fraser Institute, the taxpayers' federation, the media, and the pundits often raised a hue and cry about the increase in debt incurred by the NDP regime. And they spared no effort in slamming the government for it.

"They said such debts condemned our children and grandchildren to bearing the responsibility to pay for reckless spending.

"Today, we can see that compared to the B.C. Liberals, the NDP's increase to the public debt was merely child's play."
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  1. I was confused by the numbers in Gabriel Yiu's article.

    Is it: $47 billion "traditional debt" plus $53 billion in contractual obligations, = $100 billion total?

  2. Absolutely, yes. That this is poorly understood throughout BC is a symptom of bad journalism and proof of hypocrisy. The mainstream media does not want to criticize the BC Liberals. Only honest critics in the alternative media are willing to say the emperor wears no clothes.

  3. Norm, we can at least hold the comforting thought that if you move from BC to another province or country you can absolve yourself and future offspring from this debt. Easy peasy.

  4. Today's mainstream media has been bought and sold like a cheap whore. News stories are mere Liberal press releases, those with dissenting opinions are labeled naysayers.

    We have reverted to 19th century economics where the wealthy make their money on the backs of the poor. This pseudo religious economic theory is only kept in place by corrupt governments, who are afraid to do anything different.

    Unless we change our ways now and quickly, we will be faced with a very bleak future.

    I can see food riots in Vancouver and mass demonstrations - its coming and only the blind can not see. Welcome to the right wing world of globalization and free enterprise - a revolution is coming to you soon!

    The lessons of history have been ignored!

  5. I guess we do have one thing to thank Campbell for - that is pissing people off so much that they now want a real say in what happens in British Columbia.

    There is no doubt in my mind that Campbell went from being a willing "Saboteur" to becoming a "Huge Liability" and was told to resign or else.

    The next couple of years will likely be filled with all sorts of turf wars - mainly between big businesses (who have the most to lose) and the average BC working Joe, who is being pummelled by government taxes and greedy businesses.


  6. You mean big business, big crime, and big law firms. Working Joe is too busy trying to pay the mortgage and the visa bill and maybe catch the game on Saturday that he does not realise that the carrot is made of cardboard.

  7. I have been reading on different blogs signs of true agitation. I've read where some are suggesting that a day of reckoning is coming. I'm agreeing with them. I'm 67 years old and I would willing participate in stoping the rape and pillage of our provincial and Canadian assests. I wish I were younger so I could lead the charge.

  8. Thanks Ron but remember, you can contribute by encouraging everyone you know to pay attention to alternative news sources. Join the conversation yourself and challenge the mainstream writers and broadcasters who give you one side of complicated stories. File complaints with management when you see or hear biased content. By license, broadcasters have certain obligations they tend to forget and newspapers promise to follow formal policies regarding journalistic ethics. Hold them to their promises and use your right as a consumer to complain. A strong response from the audience can have an effect. The thing they want most is for news followers to be part of their own echo chamber. Send back other messages instead.



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