Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Horgan talks private and public power

John Horgan issued a press release that makes so damn much sense, I'm repeating it almost entirely. British Columbia urgently needs an independent and transparent examination of all private power purchase agreements, including those important portions kept secret. The future liability of BC citizens is in the tens of billions of dollars. This may cripple the province in the future.
"The BC Liberal government has been forcing BC Hydro to sign secret agreements with private power producers for years, and I believe many are not serving the public interest,” said Horgan. “The buy-high and sell-low mentality under the current energy scheme has to end before our crown jewel BC Hydro is bankrupted. We pay sky high prices for power we don’t need, and then it is dumped on the export market for a fraction of the price.”

Horgan promised to reform the private power system in B.C. to bring it back in line with the values of British Columbians – ensuring public lands and rivers are used in a manner that respects the environment, First Nations, communities, and the public interest. Horgan would:
  • Put a moratorium on new run-of-river power projects,
  • Implement an energy plan that puts conservation, environmental protection, and the interests of all British Columbians first,
  • Review all existing power purchase agreements to ensure they are in the public interest and take action to correct deficiencies,
  • Restore the BC Utilities Commission to its role providing independent review and oversight of all private power projects and billions of dollars in other capital spending exempted by the BC Liberals’ energy plan.
"The BC Liberal energy policy has been a rip-off, not a comprehensive plan. Its objective has been to transfer public wealth into private hands. Hydro should be focused on the public interest and the needs of domestic rate payers. Under my leadership that's exactly what it will do," said Horgan.

“The destruction of pristine forests to build roads and power lines to service these massive river diversion projects is not what anyone expects when they think of ‘run of the river,’ but that is exactly what’s happening.’”
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  1. Hope Hogan's press release gets some well-deserved traction!!!

  2. Horgan is an intelligent person, and that's what we're going to need to get through the nuclear winter Campbell has unleashed on us, something we haven't quite felt yet but, like an approaching storm, we sense it's not far away.

    Horgan's also someone I can trust.



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