Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Hansen - true to his word, sort of

Will McMartin notes the Finance Minister is unchanged,
"Hansen was true to his word -- he didn't set out any 'new directions.' A new direction for a BC Liberal finance minister would have meant, after all, honestly depicting the province's finances.

". . . Hansen's budget for next year contains a forecast allowance of $350 million, plus a whopping big contingencies vote of $600 million. Combined, the two measures of prudence add up to $950 million . . . The removal or reduction of these two spending items produces -- voila -- not just a balanced budget, but a surplus.

". . . individuals and families are paying an ever-increasing portion of the carbon tax. And that raises a final point: is the carbon tax merely an earlier version of the much-hated Harmonized Sales Tax?

Specifically, is the carbon levy just another way to shift the tax burden from businesses to individuals -- but under the guise of environmentalism?"
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  1. Please, BC's Carbon Tax is not a carbon tax - it is just a tax.

    A true Carbon Tax, sees carbon tax revenues funneled into public transit or alike projects. In BC, our Carbon tax just goes into general revenue.

    The mainstream media is again at fault, for sitting on their collective arses and continue the current carbon tax charade.

  2. The carbon tax was just another Campbell tax grab, as Evil Eye said.

    The media are just a Campbell, BC Liberal propaganda machine. Good honest journalism and reporting, is no longer a sense of pride, among the media. The media, are a disgrace to their professions.



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