Sunday, February 20, 2011

Accountable to no one, part 1

Before today, I sent out a few messages asking questions related to alleged journalists being paid to attend events sponsored by those associated with groups the journalist, or their colleagues, may cover.

For example, on February 17, I sent this to Gillian Shaw, columnist with the Vancouver Sun:
"At the blog Northern Insights, I have written about real and potential conflicts affecting journalists if they contract with industries that might be covered by their publication. I note that you have had appearances scheduled by the Independent Power Producers Association of BC. Certainly you are not alone among your colleagues but does this trouble you at all?

"This is a general allegation I raised here:

" 'Additionally, and perhaps most insidious, the independence of media personalities is compromised by inducements and incentives paid by industries that desire favorable coverage.' "
Gillian Shaw did not bother to reply.
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