Sunday, February 20, 2011

Accountable to no one, part 2

This is a question I directed in the last week to P. Kariya, Executive Director of the Independent Power Producers Association of BC, AKA Clean Energy BC.
"Does your organization have a policy that allows or prohibits payment of fees, honoraria or expenses to journalists who work for broadcasters or publishers but do consulting or make appearances at events of the IPPBC? If yes, do you see that as a potential conflict of interest?"
Strangely, the group prefers not to answer such questions.
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  1. keep pressing. all your asking for is statement wrt a policy. same for gillian shaw, copy the request to the editorial board and crtc.

  2. It was a different subject (Basi Virk) but I asked Mark Hume if he planned to address criticism of coverage in which he was involved. At least he responded. This was the response:

    "I'm not interested in what you have to say. I read the documents and reported on the accurately. People who have not read them are commenting without knowing what they contain, which is absurd."

    I followed up by asking if he read all or part of the documents. He didn't reply to that.

    Mainstream media does not feel obliged to answer any questions, or in the G&M's case, even to allow them to be posed online.

  3. @Mark Hume; you were spoon fed the parts that you reported on. BUT you failed to ask the deeper questions.

    Because you DID NOT read the complete record and documentation there is now way that you could logically make the the statements that you did. The best you could have said was; "According to the two pages that I saw all liberals were exonerated. But I have not read the full documentation"



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