Thursday, January 20, 2011

Twit happens

One potential difficulty when old media uses new media to communicate is that it leaves an easily examined record. No person is strong enough to search the web to find and read old newspaper columns written for Canwest by Keith Baldrey, or sit through hours of Shaw's Global TV News video, but a moment with Keith's 140 character pearls of wisdom something is another thing.

With him using Twitter, we're presented with an interesting and short form record of Baldrey's work. Spartikus at The Exile, a site to which you should be subscribed, provides the link at Twitverse: The tweets of Keith Baldrey
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  1. His tweet about his column on the decline of civility in public discourse just cracked me up!Way to go Kieth! Chalk another one up for pomposity and arrogance.

  2. This is not the first time that Keith has expressed similar thoughts. It is code for:

    "We in the media and in public life hate it when people criticize us or hold us accountable. We particularly hate it happening on the Internet where we can't control the content with editing and kill switches."



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