Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A sincere apology

Contrary to a comment by a reader posted at Northern Insights today and now removed, Victoria journalist Sean Holman's spouse does not work for the provincial government or the Public Affairs Bureau (PAB). I know of no conflict involving Sean or members of his family.

Despite having had a few minor differences in news judgement, I respect Sean Holman and the important work he has done over a long period. I apologize that I did not check that allegation before posting. I should have done so and, because Sean has always been easily accessible, I have no excuse.
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  1. Good on you Norm. We go through life hearing and repeating things without ever verifying it. It is called life happens and we all do it, everyday. We hear something and just go with it. I guess in this medium you must post things that are correct otherwise it is hard feelings.
    This apology is a sign of a good man who meant no harm. I am sure you are forgiven. Well done Norm :D

  2. Would that certain members of note in the MSM were of such good conscience.

    Of course the difference being yours was an error quickly corrected, whereas others unashamedly and deliberately print or broadcast 'information' they know to be false.

    Norm, you have only strengthened my regard for you and trust in your commentary.

  3. Everyone makes mistakes - those that claim to be error-free are to be viewed with suspicion. It's how we deal with mistakes that is the true tell of someone's integrity.

    Correcting the public record promptly and a sincere, non-hedged apology is the only way to go.

    Speaking of integrity, I wonder how the powers-that-be in the Global BC newsroom will deal with the extremely troubling behaviour of one of their reporters. And no, I'm not talking about Ron Bencze.

  4. Is it true that [a TV reporter's] wife works for the BC Liberals in some capacity?

  5. I do not have recent knowledge about the family named by the reader but edited out by me. There was at least a relationship at a point in the past but I'd rather seek verification about recent days before we name names.



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