Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The public, what public?

There is no better example of where the BC Liberal Party owes allegiance. The leadership candidates refuse any venue where ordinary citizens can make contact or ask questions of them all, preferring to spend time with their real employers, the business groups who Gordon Campbell serves and for whom HST was established.
"The candidates are gathered at a sold out B.C. Chamber of Commerce meeting where they're weighing in on issues such as transportation, energy policy and taxes."
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  1. I wonder if Mr. Abbott's absence at the C of C soiree was an act of genius on his part or just a lucky accident.

    If the general public were voting for leader, this bonehead C of C meeting alone would disqualify every one of them.

    They really don't get it.

  2. Abbott is the only one showing a hint of independence. Even Moira Stilwell is one of the rats. She invited the CofC to take responsibility for selling HST to the public. Did we elect those businesses as government? Clearly, its an admission from Stilwell that HST is solely for the benefit of business.

  3. There's an all candidates meeting taking place in their favorite hidey-hole, Kamloops.

    The catch? Only liberal members may attend, the general public is not welcome. I guess they don't want to hear honest questions worthy of honest answers. I can't bear to take out a membership in that filthy organization long enough to attend it - besides I'm sure my facial expression upon entrance would give me away.



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