Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Open letter about Nicholas Simons

A person I went to school with in Powell River many years ago wrote a recent letter to the editor of the Powell River Peak. I think it bears repeating so, with his permission:

To the Editor,

After reading the article in the January 5, 2011 Powell River Peak on Nicholas Simons bid for the leadership of the Provincial NDP, I feel I must comment. I have been a supporter and member of the Party for over 40 years and while I lived in Powell River I was an executive member of the Constituency Association and of the NDP Provincial Council. I worked as volunteer in every Federal, Provincial and Municipal election.

I find it disturbing that a Judas who has being an ineffectual MLA and considered a lightweight by the Party would now to think he can lead a Party that he tried to tear apart as a member of a pack of dissidents who disregarded all Party protocol and tradition.

In his letter announcing his bid for the leadership he states “I’ve decided it would be good for the Party, and for me, to enter the Leadership Race.” It truly shows how opportunistic and delusional he is; and out of touch with the feelings of the majority of the members.

I assume he believes that “it would be good” for him so that he can raise his profile and pretend that he has some leadership abilities. Maybe before he does that he should reflect on whether his previous actions were “good for the Party”.

He future states “The final result in April will be one that reflects unity, strength and cohesiveness – I have no doubt about that”. Is he is so egotistical that he thinks he can be part of a group that can bring unity, strength and cohesiveness to a movement that he only uses for his own gain?

I would hope that any “former MLA’s and community leaders” that he refers to in his letter are few and will soon see the error in hitching their wagon to his “dim star”.

If his speaking abilities are anything like his writing abilities [as evidenced by his letter] then I suppose we will not have any concerns about him being a dynamic candidate.

I truly believe that he is disingenuous in his actions and I will use any influence and resources I can muster to ensure that he does not get elected as leader of the Provincial NDP or in fact receive the nomination for the NDP for Powell River – Sunshine Coast in the next election.

Yours truly,
Chris Merrick
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  1. As you're from Powell River, and likely know long term NDP members there...ask Brenda and Noreen what they think of Mr. Simons. If you don't know them, certainly Mr. Merrick will by first name alone. I'd like two or three opinions on his candidacy.

  2. I have to say this letter has a very bitter, recriminating tone that doesn't sit well with me. From what I have heard in the public domain, Simons is an accomplished cellist and an experienced child welfare worker and has worked as well with Aboriginal organizations, seemingly someone with a lot to offer. How well he's done as a local constituency representative I don't really know, but that the man's talents and accomplishments are completely ignored sounds like, ... well, ... like the same kind of treatment someone named Carole James was subjected to.

    I do agree that his involvement in the caucus mutiny calls his political judgement and maturity into question, as it does for all of them.

    But for me the main point is this. There's not one chance in a hundred million that this letter will appear on Sean Holman's PEO site. Holman was handmaiden and counsellor to the Baker's Dozen, along with Tieleman, an active and knowing participant in MAKING the news, then pretending to be just reporting it. He was happy to print as news correspondence from otherwise unknown former local NDP riding officials (eg Berni Pearce and Corky's Laurie Page) but this piece of correspondence will NOT appear because it goes contrary to Holman's agenda.

    Same goes for the Georgia Straight, where Charlie Smith has been fawningly solicitous towards Simons.

    Not all media take that attitude. Justine Hunter in the Globe drew a straight line from Dana Larsen and Marc Emery to Nicholas Simons on a hard issue, electrical billing records:

    From that article:

    Mr. Larsen may find some crossover issues with Mr. Simons, a former social worker who opposed government measures to crack down on marijuana grow-ops.

    During debate on legislation in 2006 that aimed to use BC Hydro electricity consumption data to help identify and shut down grow-ops, Mr. Simons called the measure a “perpetuation of failure” in the war on drugs.

    “How far are we going to go when we chip away at the civil liberties of our society, one by one, slowly, slowly?” Mr. Simons asked. “When we put marijuana into the same discussion as crystal meth, we’re doing harm to our children.”

  3. Brenda from Powell River has passed away. Nicholas is all right, but he is definitely not experienced enough to be Leader. Being an accomplished musician hardly qualifies you for the job of Leader.

  4. I understand the letter writer's bitterness. The blithe disregard for the party's mechanisms astounded me at the time and, given that precedent, how can anyone but a fool now declare, “The final result in April will be one that reflects unity, strength and cohesiveness – I have no doubt about that.” Simons and friends assume that others will give the new leader allegiance they would not give the previous leader. The dissidents assume that wounds will heal quickly but they destroyed much more than one person's political career. They trashed the party's formal structure. That disrespected the entire membership.

  5. Wingnut blogger Vaughn Palmer provides an interesting bit on Simons:

    After the signing ceremony on the forestry agreement [between BC and Klahoose First Nation], there were reports that he [Simons] had at one point heckled the Klahoose chief.

    Here's the account published March 11, 2009 in the Powell River peak by editor Laura Walz:

    "The Peak received an email from James Delorme, a Klahoose community planner, who wrote that Simons was disrespectful at the ceremony. Delorme stated he overhead a commotion while he was filming on his camcorder.
    "As I was trying to see what was going on, Mr. Simons turned in my direction and said to me, 'That Ken is a f***ing a*******.' I was shocked to hear this and had no response.'
    "Delorme also wrote that Simons said, 'What's wrong with him [Brown]? What did I do? I never did anything to him?'
    "Other media have reported that Simons heckled Brown during his speech and that Brown refused to shake Simons' hand after the signing.



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