Thursday, January 6, 2011

P3 Review

BC P3 projects built on unethical and unprincipled business practices — economist
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  1. So here is some interesting reading for you about Macquarie. Following the links.

    Here are some very interesting articles on how Macquarie works. They are a house of cards, and have been compared to a Ponsi scheme. Follow the links and see how reckless they are and we, BC, are still considered the 'sweet spot' for them.

    Macquarie Spawns Copycats as It Thrives Buying Roads (Update1)

    Macquarie signals huge losses day after P3 mega-bridge announced

    "Just a day after the B.C. Liberal government announced plans to supersize the new Port Mann bridge crossing comes news that the project's private partner is facing major write-downs on its other infrastructure funds and equity investments."

    I would say that this borders on corruption.

    MacBank's code red

    An article on how close MacBank came to collapse and how the Ausie gov and people bailed them out. Good investigative journalism here.

    And what they are up to now.

    A surprise tick for Macquarie Flexi 100



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