Saturday, January 29, 2011

. . . on whether BC Rail was a steal.

North Van's Grumps is a diamond digger, extracting gems from institutional effluent that others ignore.

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  1. Campbell's corrupt sale of the BCR trial, is the farce of the century. Tried in a corrupt court. Presided over by a corrupt judge. One and a half, brain dead witnesses. The two patsies, changed their plea to guilty. A corrupt De Jong, ripped the BC tax payers off, to pay the patsies costs. In other words, Campbell thieved our BCR and we pay him for doing so. Typical BC Liberal justice, they steal, we pay.

  2. The more I see and hear about the BC rail sale,steal,or what have you ,the more i think that there should be a inquiry in the scandal. If, and I say If, and when they are found guilty of dealing with this mess.Should be charged and go to Jail.And they pay their own legal bills.What a bloody mess.



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