Monday, January 10, 2011

Inaction Report - police still investigate police despite years of review

Consider the connections between the headline about rules on disclosure and other stories involving RCMP. Constable Geoff Mantler might prefer the British system that would have authorized him to arrest and charge the person who shot the video. However, before drawing conclusions, maybe we should wait for whatever justification is determined finally in five to ten years. The man on his knees might have been looking at police and about to blink in a dangerous fashion, causing Const. Mantler to fear for his own safety. At least in this case, a single kick to the head was presumably less harmful than multiple Taser strikes or gun shots.

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  1. Well, we all know he ought to lose his job and be charged with assault, assault with intent to commit bodily harm, excessive force...and probably a couple of other charges as well. We also know that ain't gonna happen.

    Bet he gets promoted!

  2. I am sure he will be given a few weeks of suspension with pay; i.e., a paid vacation. His promotion will follow shortly after. And, then he will get the Order of Canada award.

    He should, in deed, be fired and do serious jail time. But, he won't.

  3. I have read on-line reports that the man taken down by the cops had been in a motorcycle accident some time last year, suffered a brain injury, and was on disability. Apparently he had been hired by the golf course to keep geese away by firing a shotgun in the air. Whether this is true or not it is a clear example of excessive and unnecessary force being used. He was complying with the police order.

  4. Well,well, well - the boot-KICKING thug got his paid vacation. Surprise, SURPRISE, SURPRISE!

  5. Is RCMP Cpl. Monty Robinson still sitting on vacation as well, enjoying full salary and no recent marks on his service records?

  6. I understand the Abbotsford Police will be doing some investigating into the Kelowna RCMP "kicking" incident.

    I'm of the opinion the Abbotsford Police appear to have some qualified members on hand when it comes to dealing with the art of kicking as this video shows.

  7. What kind of training is required to produce this sort of behaviour. The psychological testing back twenty years ago filtered for borderline personalities when applying to police academies. Did they just shift it right over the edge or something? I worked with police in dangerous situations for 13 years and I never saw this type of stupidity. I'not saying life was a perfect memo or standard operating prodecure but this reveals how much residency requirements should exist for all police officers. They should practice working with street people, criminals etc before being allowed to act like an animal. Secondly, all police officers should be rotated out of street duty every two years and be required to re-qualify their police residency.

  8. When I see unlawful and unnecessary assaults by police on people not resisting, I presume the officers do not believe in the rule of law. If they are willing to commit crimes of assault, are they also willing to plant evidence or commit perjury? In my experience, if a person breaks moral and ethical bounds in one situation, he/she is likely to be willing to do so in all situations.

    As citizens, we should be able to trust the police to enforce the laws but also adhere to the laws.



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