Saturday, January 1, 2011

Cherish what we have by fostering renewal
I extend appreciative New Year's greetings to regular readers and visitors to Northern Insights / Perceptivity. Reader loyalty, comments and messages provide satisfaction that encourages me to continue this personal project.

Much of BC's political landscape has altered in 2010 and that change might accelerate in the future. A different cast will be on this province's political stage soon and new-media will unwrap old-media's cold dead hands that throttle free flow of information. Filters of self-interest will disappear so the mainstream folks will improve or disappear as irrelevant. We can speed the process by cancelling subscriptions and avoiding their major advertisers.

Gwen and I enjoy five marvelous grandchildren under the age of five and this greeting card features our only granddaughter. The next generation includes, so far, four boys and one girl and, of course, the feminine one is a rather unique little person. Teagan will never be intimidated by any imbalance of genders at family gatherings, she'll probably have her brother and five male cousins following directions without resistance or complaint.
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  1. Happy New Year Norm and may you & your family enjoy good health in 2011. Thoroughly enjoy reading your articles.

    Guy in Victoria

  2. Happy new year Norm and all the best to you and yours.And thank you again for Northern insights.

  3. The very best to you and yours!

    Thank you for a year of "insight", education, and entertainment.

    Gary L.

  4. A good New Year, for you and your family Norm. I too have a feisty little granddaughter, who will be three in April. She is at the stage, of explaining to her parents, how wrong they are about absolutely everything. It is a real joy, and many chuckles, watching your grandchildren grow up.



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