Sunday, January 2, 2011

2003 Annual Report of BC's Chief Prevaricator

Reader Eric of the blog Getting it Right asked where I got the screenshot of a 2001 election platform document in which BC Liberals promised to "Not sell or privatize BC Rail." It came from a .pdf version of the 2001 platform document titled A New Era for British Columbia. I have a copy on a back up disk but it is possible to locate many other references to the promise made by Gordon Campbell.

BC Liberals have removed from their website old documents that prove they betrayed or abandoned promises that were important elements of elections past. They will discover of course that little goes away permanently in today's wired world. As a matter of fact, I don't even need to dig out the archived platform document. The promise about BC Rail is indisputable, published broadly and even included in the office documents of the chief prevaricator. Check out page 7.

2003 Premiers Annual Report
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  1. "will not be sold or privatized" but it did become a long term lease lasting up to 990 years.

    You'd think these bozos would have at least put a counter on the choke points of our railbeds so as to collect a toll every time a railcar wheel crossed over it, and paid a minimum off a dollar. But no, El Gordo and his gang sold it for a billion with a claw back feature that has risen from 255 million dollars to a now owed amount of 600 million dollars, and counting. Immediate cash infusion is what CN Rail "paid" the BC liberals when they could have borrowed the monies cheaper than anyone else.



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