Sunday, December 12, 2010

A worthwhile read from the Times Colonist

A link to Iain Hunter of the Times Colonist, pointed out by Northern Insights reader Robbie.

Knives unsheathed tend to stay that way
"We want leaders who'll flaunt their integrity, not dismiss it. Honour in politics must be proved."
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  1. Yup.

    Contrast that to the just-keep-your-mouth-shut mantra being proffered by Holman, Tieleman and others.

    I think the NDP could recover. I think it's conceivable for it to recover in time for a 2013 election. But pretending that emotions aren't raw, that people aren't distrustful of each other, that will only leave the mess behind for someone else.

  2. Iain Hunter writes a sharp column. He is one of the few. Blogging company excepted...

  3. There is NO question about a 2013 election, Tony Martinson.

    The new LIEberal leader will call an election in early 2011, very shortly after they are chosen. You can count on an early election, especially if the NDP do not have a leader.

    Given the latest poll, it looks like more years of the LIEberals; the NDP are circling the waggons and shooting inward, as they always do.

  4. Over the last several weeks, many bloggers and commenters have predicted the Liberals will call a "snap" election next year. I don't think so. First of all, their leadership race will have to be extremely controlled with as little spittle passing back and forth, hither and yon. More important, I contend that the liberals, unless they feel guaranteed a majority win, will wait as long as possible in order to continue to control the imformation coming out of what must be the most corrupt self serving government we have ever seen.

  5. My view has been that we'll see an election October 13. That is a more suitable time of year because it would enable full debate of the current year's budget and examination of the prior year's public accounts. The election period could begin right after Labour Day.

    However, reading today has me rethinking. If additional polling indicates a positive bounce from the Liberal leadership race, the new leader will go quickly to the electorate. That would be easy to justify by the "need for a mandate." I'll write more about this soon.



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