Saturday, December 18, 2010

Wood carver John Williams, R.I.P.

Seven seconds to the death of a deaf wood carver 

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  1. A real tribute would be to see a gallery of his work.

  2. Well, at least the SPD did the right thing. The murderer should face murder charges and do a LOT of time in jail.

    The murderer's lawyer is in that 1% of lawyers that makes the other 99% look bad. No wonder he did NOT want the video released!

  3. From a satirical letter published by Seattle Times:

    Seattle — Street whittling was declared illegal today by Mayor Mike McGinn after a consultation with Seattle Police Chief John Diaz.

    “When you see a guy with a knife carving a piece of wood on the street, he might decide to carve you up, too,” Diaz said. “We can’t take that chance.”

    The decision was made retroactive, Mayor McGinn said, so it would cover the police killing of homeless whittler and totem-pole carver John T. Williams by officer Ian Birk on Monday afternoon.

    Williams was shot four times by Birk after he ignored commands to drop the knife, according to a police report.

    A Taser was not used against Williams because of the danger that an electric spark conducted from the blade of Williams’ knife might have injured the officer, Diaz said. “The suspect was probably drunk, too, so a Taser might have ignited the alcohol fumes around him and caused him to explode,” Diaz added. “All things considered, the safest thing in circumstances like this is just to shoot him.”

  4. The Seattle police and their trigger happy clones in the region are fostered along by public support, especially after the 4 police officers were murdered last year by a paroled (black) convict.

    Somehow, the 4 tragic deaths have seemingly given the Seattle Police police the moral authority to shoot anyone, especially first nation people, Hispanics and blacks, who they think pose a danger to their manhood.

    We live in dangerous times when the police become a law unto themselves! The Gestapo also felt they were entitled to murder at will.

  5. Civilized society you say? This story is so offensive that I will certainly continue to teach my children the phrase "fire"!



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